Lamber DSP3
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Lamber DSP3, 30 Rack/Hr Undercounter Glass Washer, High Temperature Sanitizing w/ Booster

$2,250.00 /ea

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Lamber DSP3 Overview

Model Specifics:

- Includes soap / rinse pump
- Drain pump NOT included

Glass Washer Details:

When you're looking for the best washer around, you've got a list of characteristics that need to be met. On that list, among other things, will be quality, reliability, practicality, and size. We're happy to report that you'll find all of these things addressed and taken care of by the Lamber DSP3 commercial glass washer. First, there is the large sized 16”x16” square basket that is designed specifically for glassware. This will help you to protect the important glass items you place inside.

With proper wash and rinse cycles, the Lamber DSP3 glass washer machine takes 2 minutes from start to finish, and both the detergent pump and the rinse aid dispenser will help you in great ways to make sure that you are working with a high quality machine.

You'll love the thermocontrol device included in the Lamber DSP3 glasswasher that will keep the temperature at the right place even with nonstop work, and the extractable control panel will give you access to everything you need when using it.

Simply put, this is a well designed machine that does what it says it will and you'll be able to have as much control as you'd like in the washing and rinsing process. This is perfect for high traffic locations that need cleanliness and ease of use hand in hand.

Lastly, the Lamber DSP3 glassware dishwasher includes stainless steel wash and rinse arms (top & bottom), high temperature BOOSTERS (no SANITIZERS required), easy to use digital controls and water consumption as low as 1/2 gallon of water per cycle on most models (providing enormous savings on soap and rinse costs).


  • 16"x16" Square basket glasswasher
  • Stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304
  • Wash cycle time: 2 minutes
  • Wash and rinse temperature thermometers
  • Stainless steel lower rotating wash arms
  • Extractable control panel for an easy maintenance
  • Rinse aid dispenser
  • Detergent pump
  • Automatic tank loading
  • Door opening safety device
  • Thermocontrol: device which guarantees the selected temperature for every rinsing cycle even in case of nonstop work
  • Security thermostat
  • Certifications: UL, UL Sanitation
  • Plug Type: Nema 6-20P

Included Baskets : 2x Baskets for glasses,1x Saucer insert, 2x Cutlery Container

Notes: This unit uses gravity to drain the water from the unit. Your drain must be located below the unit to ensure the water drains properly.

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 18 Inches
  • Depth: 20 Inches
  • Height: 31 Inches

Lamber Warranty:

1 year parts and labor

Product Brand


Energy Star CertifiedUL Listed

DSP3 Resources

Lamber DSP3 Specifications


OEM Numbers
DSP3, Eurodib DSP3


18 Inches
20 Inches
31 Inches


Booster Heater Included
Clean Type
High Temperature
Drain Pump Included
Energy Star
Exterior Summary
Stainless Steel
Single Phase
Racks per hour
UL Listed
208-240 Volts
Water Usage
0.5 Gallons/Cycle
88 Pounds
Product Condition


Manufacturer Warranty All items that include a warranty are based on the manufacturer's warranty policy. Purchasers are subject to working directly with the manufacturer to start & finish the warranty process. Note: Some manufacturers' warranties may not cover products when used in a residential setting. To ensure your intended use is covered, please contact us to verify the warranty terms before purchasing.
1 year parts and labor

Customer Q&A

What is the recommended soap for this specific machine?

We recommend any of these detergents (category link) and these rinse aids (category link). However, if you already have a preferred detergent that we don't offer, generally any commercial detergent or rinse aid should work.

– GoFoodservice

Do we hook up the cold or hot side to the washer?

You will want to connect the Lamber DSP3 to your hot water connection. The incoming water will need to be roughly 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

– GoFoodservice

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews

Anthony M. - Aug 26, 2019

Great working machine. Prompt delivery. Instructions need to be a little more clear. Where does the blue and red tubes go? Soap or water. We figured it out. Overall - it ia an awesome machine.

Audrey - Apr 11, 2019

Instructions for installation of this machine left much to be desired. However, once installed the unit works like a charm. The machine is a lot quieter than the Jet-Tech F-14 I used to have. I also like that it fits under the counter, giving me more room on the counter for making coffee and tea. It requires a 220V outlet and you need to make sure that you have a floor drain if you are putting it under your counter because the water drains using gravity and is not pumped out of the machine like a normal dishwasher. I installed it on top of cement blocks to raise the drain above my floor drain pipe and it worked out fine. The wash cycle is quick and the water gets nice and hot.

Sarah M. - Sep 18, 2018

This is a good dishwasher for the price. With the limited space I had to work with I wasn't sure if I could find anything to fit but their helpful customer service showed me this model and it works great for what I needed. Shipping was fast too since the dishwasher was in stock.

Barry B. - Sep 18, 2018

Had to purchase a commercial dishwasher after the health inspector said my business wouldn't be up to code otherwise and after looking around this Lamber was the best deal out there. The unit was in stock and shipped out the same day and after getting it installed I now have no more issues from the health inspector to worry about.

Bob R. - May 19, 2018

I took a chance purchasing this unit and I'm extremely satisfied with it! If I only knew how small and efficient this was in the first place, I would have never looked at other units. It also worked out great that my drain was right below where I needed this dishwasher. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to pull the drain water away from the unit. So make sure you have the perfect set up! 😀 It's really too easy!