Lamber Commercial Dishwashers & Glasswashers


Lamber was founded in 1976, and through continuous innovation, the company has grown to sell dishwashing solutions worldwide. Cleanliness is not a problem with the fast and efficient machines of Lamber, and the quality of the machines means even the dirtiest dishware is cleansed thoroughly. The company has proved that their manufacturing expertise coupled with boundless creativity yields high quality machines that will help any diner, cafe, restaurant, or foodservice business.

Lamber Undercounter Dishwashers

Undercounter dishwashers fit seamlessly in your kitchen, tucking neatly underneath the counters of your business. Made with sleek space-saving design and available in a variety of rack configurations, Lamber undercounter dishwashers power through over 30 racks per hour. Each model features a durable stainless steel build, high temperature boosters, and easy control systems. Lamber undercounter dishwashers are also energy efficient, capable of using as little as ½ gallon of water each cycle.

Lamber Conveyor Dishwashers

If you need to wash a high amount of dishes in a short period of time, a commercial conveyor dishwasher is the right machine for the job. Lamber's quality conveyor dishwashers clean and sanitize dishes at the temperatures you desire and with the heating source of your choice. Both gas and electric tank heating models are available, and all of Lamber's machines are fully automatic. Capable of handling 70 to 145 racks per hour, conveyor dishwashers are one of the best ways to bring effortlessly sanitation to your business' dishware.

Best Sellers By Lamber

Lamber DSP3

30 Rack/Hr Undercounter Glass Washer, High Temperature Sanitizing w/ Booster

Lamber DSP4DPS

30 Rack/Hr High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher w/ Drain & Chemical Pump

Lamber S480EKDPS

30 Rack/Hr Undercounter Glasswasher, High Temperature Sanitizing w/ Booster & Drain Pump

Lamber CC00052

Glass Washer Rack, Open

Lamber F92EKDPS

30 Rack/Hr High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher w/ Drain & Chemical Pump

Lamber CC00123

Glass Washer Rack, 16 Capacity

Lamber CC00125

Glass Washer Rack, 16 Capacity

Lamber CC00121

Glass Washer Rack, 9 Capacity

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