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Lamber was founded in 1976, and through continuous innovation, the company has grown to sell dishwashing solutions worldwide. Cleanliness is a priority for restaurants and bars, and getting things clean and sanitized is exactly what Lamber machines do well!

Caked-on food and grease are no match for Lamber dishwashers! The quality of every Lamber commercial dishwashing machine means even the dirtiest dishware is cleansed thoroughly right in time for peak service hours.

Lamber has proved time and time again with each new product release that their manufacturing expertise coupled with boundless creativity yields high-quality machines that will help any diner, cafe, restaurant, or food service business – including yours.

Read Lamber Commercial Dishwasher Reviews from Buyers

Wondering what customers think of their Lamber dishwasher? Check out some of our Lamber dishwasher reviews by previous customers!

One of our most popular undercounter units, the Lamber DSP4DPS and what people have said about it:

  • “A good choice if you don't have a floor drain to use. It cleans the dishes fast so it's able to keep up during busier times when you need it to. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast.” - Mitchell C.

  • “For the price, you can't beat it. This model is definitely one of my favorite undercounter dishwashers and I have tried several over the years. Even though they call this an "under counter" model, you can also put it on the counter as a "counter top" model and it works just as well. If anything, I always feel the higher any dishwasher is off the ground, it always has a better drain rate and overall gives the machine a longer lifespan.” - Ron T.

  • “Highly recommended, the only thing that I can suggest is to make a detailed installation of the product.” - Lino T.

Types of Lamber Dishwashers We Sell at GoFoodservice

Lamber Undercounter Dishwashers

Undercounter dishwashers fit seamlessly in your kitchen, tucking neatly underneath the counters of your business.

Designed to be sleek and space-saving and available in a variety of rack configurations, Lamber undercounter dishwashers power through over 30 racks per hour.

Each model features a durable stainless steel build, high-temperature boosters, and easy control systems. Lamber undercounter dishwashers are also energy efficient, capable of using as little as ½ gallon of water each cycle.

Lamber Conveyor Dishwashers

If you need to wash a high amount of dishes in a short period of time, a commercial conveyor dishwasher is the right machine for the job.

Lamber's quality conveyor dishwashers clean and sanitize dishes at the temperatures you desire and with the heating source of your choice.

Both gas and electric tank heating models are available, and all of Lamber's machines are fully automatic. Capable of handling 70 to 145 racks per hour, conveyor dishwashers are one of the best ways to bring effortlessly sanitation to your business' dishware.

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We offer a wide range of commercial dishwashers for your restaurant or foodservice establishment, including plenty from Lamber. From high-temperature models to low-temperature models and every size, and style, we’ve got you covered. We even stock dish cleanup and storage carts and warewashing chemicals to use in your dishwasher. Shop now!


Lamber Best Sellers

Lamber CC00052, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lamber products
Lamber CC00052

Glass Washer Rack, Open

$54.98 /ea


Lamber CC00123, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lamber products
Lamber CC00123

16 Compartment Glass Washer Rack, Gray

$156.49 /ea


Lamber CC00125, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lamber products
Lamber CC00125

16 Compartment Glass Washer Rack, Gray

$178.49 /ea


Lamber CC00121, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lamber products
Lamber CC00121

9 Compartment Glass Washer Rack, Gray

$148.37 /ea


Lamber CC00024, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lamber products
Lamber CC00024

12 - 18 Capacity Full Size Plate Rack, Green

$94.18 /ea


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