GoFoodservice Policies

Payment Methods

Credit Card
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.
Amazon Pay
You can pay for your order with Amazon Pay by clicking the Amazon Pay button on the shopping cart page.
You can pay for your order with your PayPal account. Payment through Paypal can not be accepted by phone and must be placed online.

We offer financing as a payment option for orders with a subtotal of $500 or more that are being shipped within the United States. We currently work with multiple lenders to help you find the best financing option that fits your needs.

The terms of financing vary depending on the lender, but typically include an interest rate, repayment term, and any other fees that may apply. For more information about the terms of financing, please contact us or see our finance page for more information.

Other Payment Methods
We also accept check by mail, check by phone (ACH), money orders, cashier's checks, and wire transfers.
Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are only offered and approved for select companies. Companies that are not already approved, contact us for further requirements. Please know, it generally takes approximately 5-10 business days to determine your credit approval or disapproval, but there are no guarantees to this time-frame, as there are issues that can arise such as being unable to make contact with credit references, banks, etc.

It's important to keep this in mind, as product pricing, shipping costs, etc, may change during the process. Which is why it's always best to pay upfront, in order to be set up as a repeat customer. After an order history has been created, we can at that point, review whether your company is a candidate to be set up on NET Terms for our selection of restaurant supplies & equipment.

If your credit is not able to be approved, we have other options available such as 3rd party financing that you'll be able to apply for instead.

Shipping Policy


Most orders placed before 1:00 PM EST will be shipped same day, if the item is in stock and your order is approved.

Shipping usually takes 1-5 business days depending on the location of the ship-to address. However shipping times differ for each item due to availability, manufacturer labor and supply chain shortages, etc.

We only ship to the 48 Contiguous United States. If you want your order shipped outside this territory, you will have to supply your own freight forwarder.

Some orders may have extra delivery costs imposed by the freight carrier for special shipping conditions and areas. Due to the variables associated with how shipping costs are calculated, all of our shipping costs are estimates and may change at any time. We do our best to be as accurate as possible but unfortunately, some estimates are too much to absorb. Generally, if there is a 10 - 20% difference in shipping costs, we'll contact you for approval before we process your order.

Curbside Delivery

Items that have a freight cost or qualify for free shipping, are curbside delivery only and do not include inside delivery, liftgate, or any additional accessorials. These additional services must be approved/paid for ahead of time and notated on your order. Unless inside delivery is requested and paid for at time of purchase, the driver will NOT bring your delivery to the door or inside your location. In the event you request the carrier to perform additional delivery services and those services are performed, once we receive the bill for those services, the payment method on file will be charged. It's highly recommended to pay for these services ahead of time, otherwise, additional fees imposed by the carrier after your order has been delivered, may end up costing more, based on the carrier providing the services.

Residential Locations

Orders shipping to locations considered to be residential, may be subject to additional fees.

Limited Access Locations

Orders shipping to locations considered to be limited access, such as hotels, universities, prisons, military bases, country clubs, etc may be subject to additional fees.

Extended Area Locations

Orders shipping to extended area locations such as high density areas, less populated areas, or less accessible areas may be subject to additional fees.


Liftgate enables the truck driver to bring your equipment off the freight truck to the ground. Liftgate is optional in most cases, but recommend for customers who do not have a loading dock (loading dock must be 4 ft or higher from the ground) or a forklift on site.

Some items can weigh several hundred pounds, which could cause serious injuries if not brought to the ground by a liftgate. Additionally, items that are around 100 lbs may seem easy to get off the truck, but unfortunately due to liability reasons, the driver may not allow you to remove the freight without liftgate service. Some variables associated with removing the freight off the truck and onto the ground are: personal injury and/or potential damage to the shipment (please note, when items are delivered by freight, they will most likely be on a pallet, which makes the items bulky and very difficult to bring to the ground as well).

If an item is shipping by freight to a residential location, liftgate is required since there will be no forklift or loading dock at time of delivery.

Parcel to Freight

When items that are normally delivered by a parcel delivery company (such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS) are ordered in such quantities that the order must instead be shipped by a freight delivery company, there may be additional shipping costs associated with your order. Once we are made aware of any additional costs, we will contact you for approval to charge your card for the difference.

Freight Brokers

Shipments to freight or package forwarding companies, may be required to be paid by Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer.

Delivery Notification

Orders may include a delivery notification service, where the carrier will contact you to coordinate or inform you of when they are going to attempt to deliver your order. Since some carriers will charge additional fees for this service, please contact us prior to placing your order, so we can quote you on this service.

An alternative to paying for a call before notification is waiting until we send you the tracking info for your order. Once you receive your tracking info, feel free to call the carrier to coordinate your delivery date (applies to freight shipments only). Unfortunately, in rare situations, when an order is shipped direct from the manufacturer or from one of our suppliers, we may not receive tracking information before the order is delivered. Please keep this in mind as well.

When attempting to coordinate directly with the freight carrier, GoFoodservice is unable to get involved in setting a time for delivery and is not liable for communications taken place between the carrier and customer.

Parcel / Package Shipments:
All orders that ship by means of a parcel / package carrier (e.g. UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc) generally do not include a call before, prior to delivery. Both UPS and FedEx have options that allow you to receive digital notifications regarding your shipment, however you will have to coordinate this, once we send you the tracking information. There are 3rd party apps or notification services as well, that can assist in this process.

Freight Shipments:
All orders that ship by means of a freight / LTL carrier (e.g. SEFL, Estes, T-Force, etc) may receive a call, prior to delivery. However, this is not guaranteed. As mentioned above, we suggest reaching out to the carrier once you receive the tracking, to coordinate your delivery.

Reconsignments & Redeliveries

If a shipment is to be reconsigned, relocated, or redelivered due to the customer providing an incorrect address, customer is not available at time of delivery, or at the customer's request, the shipping company may charge additional fees for those services. If applicable, those fees will also be charged to the customer's payment method on file.

Damaged During Shipping - Freight

Upon receiving your shipment, it is your responsibility to follow these guidelines:

  • Thoroughly inspect your shipment for possible damages or missing items
  • Notate all damages and/or shortages before signing the delivery receipt
  • Keep a copy of the delivery receipt
  • Keep all damaged packaging materials for carrier inspection
  • Contact us within 24 hours of receiving delivery
  • Take pictures of damages and packaging

Note: If you are uncomfortable with the damages found at time of delivery, you can refuse your shipment, and we'll work with you on sending a replacement. Call us at 1-800-550-0706 if possible before refusing your shipment. If the driver demands to leave before all portions of your shipment have been inspected, please note on the delivery receipt near your signature that the driver would not allow an inspection. By signing the delivery receipt, you are assuming all responsibility for that shipment as noted. If the delivery receipt is signed for without any further notations, you are accepting the condition of the shipment as is and understand that GoFoodservice can not guarantee any further compensation or replacements for your shipment.

Concealed damages are not covered and GoFoodservice is not liable for any damages found after the shipment has been signed for.

Damaged During Shipping - Parcel

After receiving your order, you must inspect it for damaged items. If an item is damaged, you must keep both the packaging & items, as well as contact us within 5 business days so that we can provide further assistance. Clear pictures of the damages & the packaging are required. If applicable, it may be required to take a picture of the product's serial number as well. If an item is damaged, it must not be used. If the item is found to be used, a replacement or refund may no longer apply. If a replacement item is to be sent, the original item must first be returned to the location we provide you. Under certain circumstances, an exception may be authorized to ship you a replacement item before the original item is returned. If this exception is approved, a new order must be created and paid for before the new item(s) is shipped. Once the unused damaged item(s) is appropriately returned, we will issue you a refund for the damaged item(s).

Return Policy


Most items can be returned within 30 days of the shipping date if the item(s) are unused, undamaged, and also in the original packaging. You must call in advance for a return authorization. Items may not be returned after 30 days. Special order items and consumables are not returnable. If you have questions or want to find out if your item can be returned, please call 1-800-550-0706 between the hours of 8:30am - 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday. After the authorized item(s) are received back at the return location (location determined at time of item return request) and have been inspected, your money will be refunded within 48 hours for the item(s) returned minus the restocking fees. There may also be original shipping costs and return shipping costs involved with your return, but you will be informed of those fees during the return process. Most credit cards will show a refund within 24 hours. Other payment methods will be refunded via check, which will be mailed to the location of your choosing. The above also applies to orders that have been canceled or refused after the item(s) have been shipped or are in transit to the customer's location. Customers are responsible for shipping the items back on their own carrier to the authorized return location and for said shipping costs (whether freight or parcel). Neither GoFoodservice, the manufacturer, or the distributor are liable for the removal or transportation of returning orders.

Restocking Fee

Due to the costs of repackaging and inspections, the buyer is responsible for a restocking fee of 25% for the items purchased. The restock fee does not include the original shipping costs and the return shipping costs involved with the return.

DOA & Defective Items

If your purchased item is DOA (dead on arrival) or defective, you will need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. It's the manufacturer or distributor's discretion if the item will be replaced or repaired. For assistance with this process, please contact us. Neither GoFoodservice, the manufacturer, or the distributor are liable for removal or transportation of items that arrive DOA or defective.

Special Order Items

As a general rule of thumb, the following items are considered special order items:

  • Special order items (noted on the product page)
  • Custom fabricated items
  • Furniture
  • Disposables such as perishable or consumable items (food, food containers, plates, cups, etc)
  • Hazmat, aerosol, & flammable liquid products
  • Closeout products
  • Items that have been shipped outside the Contiguous United States

These items may not be returned and in some instances are unable to be canceled once the order has been placed. If your order is still able to be canceled, you may be subject to much higher restock fees than the standard fee. If there is an opportunity to cancel your order, we will do our due diligence to find out.

Additional Return Charges

Additional charges related to shipping and handling may be incurred during the return process. It’s important to know that our “Free Shipping” offers are applicable solely to items shipped by GoFoodservice, our Manufacturers, or our Distributors to our customers. These offers do not extend to returns. Any such extra costs will be deducted from the final refund amount. Furthermore, if the shipping costs charged to you were less than our actual shipping expenses, you may be responsible for the difference in the event of a return.

Order Policy

Order Cancellations

Once your order has been placed, there are no guarantees your order can be canceled. Please contact us asap to verify.

  • Orders Unshipped: If your order is in a submitted/processing status, contact us so we can attempt to cancel your order with the manufacturer or distributor.
  • Orders In Transit: If your order has already shipped, you can refuse the shipment when it arrives at your location or you can accept the order and initiate a return authorization through our returns process. When a shipment is refused, it will return back to its respective warehouse and you may be charged a restocking fee plus any shipping fees associated with the return. We suggest refusing the shipment rather than accepting it, because if accepted, you will have to provide your own carrier to ship the items back and will be liable for any damages that may occur.
  • Orders Received: If you have already received your purchased item(s), you will have to contact our customer support team to start a return. If the item is returnable, you will be provided a return authorization number, instructions to ship your items back on your own carrier, and you may be charged a restocking fee plus any shipping fees associated with the return.
  • Special Order Items: If your order contains a "special order item", once the order has been placed with the manufacturer or distributor, it might not be able to be canceled. Please contact us to verify if the item can be canceled.
Alternate Payment Requests

Due to multiple factors, your order may be subject to a different payment method than what was selected at the time of purchase. GoFoodservice will contact you to advise what payment method is needed in order to complete your purchase.


All items that include a warranty are based on the manufacturer's warranty policy. Purchasers are subject to working directly with the manufacturer to start & finish the warranty process. The manufacturer's warranty is usually found on the product page, however in the event it's not listed, please contact us so we can assist you.


For questions concerning your order, please contact us by email ([email protected]), live chat, or call us at 502-266-7089. Our hours are from 8:00am - 5:00pm EST on Monday - Friday. Please allow us 1-2 business days to process your inquiry.

Coupon Code

GoFoodservice will only allow coupon codes and promo codes to be applied to orders that are placed while the promotion is active. We do not allow promos to be applied to already discounted items unless specified.

Pricing that may be seen from external sources to our website may show incorrectly listed prices compared to the actual price listed on our website. We attempt to always be as accurate as possible, however unfortunately since search engines and other methods that may lead you to our site may not always provide the most accurate pricing. Please always check the prices listed directly on our website for the most accurate information.

​Pricing Changes

Prices on our website are based on information provided to us by the manufacturer or the distributor shipping your product. Unfortunately, we're not always provided with updated information in advance or in a timely manner, therefore in the event there is an unexpected price increase, depending on the difference in price, we reserve the right to apply their increase to your order. If this takes place, we will contact you to provide an update regarding the difference. If the price difference is not agreed upon or we don't receive the additional funds by its respective due date, we will unfortunately be forced to cancel your order.

Privacy Policy

Your Email and Personal Information

We use third-party companies to process payments, track cookies/usage data and for email campaigns opted in by the customer. We will never sell any customer information to any third-party companies.


At GoFoodservice all your personal information is automatically protected by a High-grade Encryption Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is one of the highest security levels available. All credit card data is stored by a highly secure (PCI compliant) third party, so you can be sure that your data is safe.

Terms & Conditions

Typographical & Image Errors

If a product has an incorrect description, selling quantity, selling price, price increase, or any other typographical errors, we have the right to refuse, cancel, or modify orders & quotes placed under these conditions. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, we'll refund your credit card for the incorrect amount. If your items have already been received and the issue is later discovered, you agree to follow our resolution procedures to fix the issue.

Upon placing an order through our website, you agree to do your due diligence in researching your product to help you make an educated decision regarding your purchase. Also, you agree not to hold us responsible for anything not stated in the listing or not included in the picture, including, but not limited to, assumptions made by the buyer or any verbal statements.

Sales Tax

State & Local Laws
In accordance with applicable state and local laws, GoFoodservice does not collect sales or use tax in all states but is required to always charge sales tax for items shipping to IN & KY. If taxes are calculated at the time of purchase for states other than where GoFoodservice is registered to collect, this may be due to the manufacturer or distributor requiring taxes to be collected upfront, since they are registered or required to remit sales or use tax on our behalf. In the event GoFoodservice is notified or charged sales or use tax for your purchase after the fact, we will update your order to reflect the taxes and will contact you to collect the difference. GoFoodservice does not benefit from the collection of sales or use tax and will always remit collected taxes appropriately.

General Requirements
For states imposing sales or use taxes, your purchase may be subject to tax unless it is specifically exempt. In general, purchases made out of state by means of the internet or other remote methods, does not disqualify you from paying sales tax on your order. Many states require purchasers to file a sales or use tax return at the end of the year, reporting all taxable purchases that were not collected. Wherein you may be subject to pay those uncollected taxes on your personal or business tax return. If GoFoodservice does not collect sales tax on your order, it is your responsibility to check your state & local laws to find out if you need to disclose your purchase on your tax return.

If you have a valid tax exempt or resale certificate, you can email it to us and we’ll submit it for review. All tax exemption requests must be sent before your order has been placed. If sent after the fact, we can not guarantee taxes will be removed or refunded for your order. In the event a manufacturer or distributor are unable to accept your certificate, GoFoodservice will be forced to collect sales or use tax for you, and you may have to write them off on your tax return, when applicable.