Donper D600

Donper D600, Commercial Soft Serve Machine (2) 5.8 Quart

$5,495.00 /ea

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Donper D600 Overview

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Details:

The Donper D600 is the perfect entry level soft serve machine for any location. With low power consumption, strong production, two flavors and a twist, hopper cooling, and digital consistency controls, the Donper D600 has all the features of much more expensive machines. This soft serve machine is an air cooled countertop model that requires only a power plug to start producing smooth creamy soft serve at your location.


  • Two flavor with twist
  • Digital control panel with adjustable firmness levels allows operators to serve frozen yogurt, sorbet, ice cream, and gelato
  • Product consistency is adjustable by an LCD control
  • Perfect for off-site catering events such as: birthday parties, weddings, school functions, and fundraisers
  • Gravity-fed, air-cooled
  • Complete stainless steel construction for durability with a sleek and modern appearance
  • 15-20 min approximate freeze time to first dispense frozen product
  • Refrigerated hoppers for faster recovery times

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 25 Inches
  • Depth: 33 Inches
  • Height: 34 Inches

Donper Warranty:

3 Year Limited

Note: Some locations may incur additional shipping charges (eg NYC). Please contact our customer service team for details.

Product Brand


CE Certified

D600 Resources

Donper D600 Specifications


25 Inches
33 Inches
34 Inches


Low Volume
CE Certified
11.6 Quarts
Capacity per Compartment
5.8 Quarts
Flavor Twist
3/4 HP
Installation Type
Single Phase
Soft Serve Machines
115 Volts
230 Pounds
Product Condition


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3 Year Limited

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Customer Q&A

Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars from 1 reviews

Chris C. - Jun 26, 2019

The Donper D600 arrived on time. The shipping company was great. It took some time to unpack the machine as it was pretty well packed. There was no apparent damage to the machine from shipping as far as we could tell. Instructions and some spare parts were inside one of the hoppers. So far, so good! Update: 8/5/19 - We are having trouble finding the right combination of settings to keep the ice cream mix frozen and usable. The instructions inside the machine are barely usable as they are a poor translation. Not much help from the online guide/user manual either. Water based powder product seems to work better in the machine but still having issues. We wanted to use dairy based but it has trouble keeping the product at a good consistent freezing temp. No other explanation. Struggling. More after further trying. Update 9/16/20 - we have given up using this machine. Always problems with consistent product. If you are not selling one every 5 minutes it will over freeze the product then you have to try and draw product off and work it back into the hoppers - this never works. you can't use dairy based product very well. It's too heavy. I found out that Donper uses water based powder mix during testing which is easier to use but tastes bad. Service does not exist. Phone tech support from Donper is poor at best. Parts are almost non-existent. I wish i had never spent the $6k.