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Put your equipment to work!
Cooking is not for the faint of heart. It requires a deep desire to strive for near perfection and a genuine commitment to ensuring customers have an incredible experience. However, this job is made more accessible by tools that help you along the way, like Tilting Skillets and Braising Pans. When you have the right tools at your fingertips, your equipment can truly go to work for you.

Tilting Skillets and Braising Pans make excellent additions to any restaurant, catering, banquet, hospital, hotel, or cafeteria kitchen that serves a large number of people. Tilting Skillets allow the chef to cook up their skillet food and then use the tilt function to pour it into a container for easy transporting to the next step of the recipe or plating process. Braising Pans allow the user to braise a large amount of food in one place, at one time. These machines can honestly do it all.

GoFoodservice knows you only want the best for your kitchen, so we offer only the best from brands like Market Forge, AccuTemp, Cleveland Range, Crown, and Vulcan. GoFoodservice has the perfect Tilting Skillets and Braising Pans to suit your kitchen with both gas and electric power sources and various power output configurations.

We know that choosing large equipment like this can be overwhelming, so we are standing by to help in any way we can. As you select the perfect Braising Pans and Tilting Skillets for your business, please reach out to us if you have any questions. Our informed, kind staff looks forward to helping you choose the selection for all your needs.

How can Braising Pans and Tilting Skillets make cooking easier?
Braising Pans and Tilting Skillets make cooking easier by making the process more streamlined. For example, after cooking a bunch of veggies on a skillet for your recipe, the last thing you want to do is scoop those out and have them cooked to varying temperatures. Instead, gravity helps you with the tilt feature. This way, you can collect everything in a separate pan quickly.

Why do kitchens need Braising Pans and Tilting Skillets?
Kitchens need Braising Pans and Tilting Skillets because they provide more space to cook food, are the Swiss army knife of kitchen appliances, and because they are built to help the chef do their job even better for customers.