3M Water Filtration HF45-S-SR
3M Water Filtration HF45-S-SR

3M Water Filtration HF45-S-SR, Replacement Cartridge w/ Scale and Sediment Inhibitor for Water Filter System

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3M Water Filtration HF45-S-SR Overview

Filter Cartridge Details:

You've got all sorts of business needs. If you're looking to make sure that you can take care of all of them in a timely manner, the key to getting it all done is by investing in the right appliances and accessories to help you out. One of the biggest and best options for you to look at for your own aid is the 3M Water Filtration HF45-S-SR commercial water filter cartridge.This quality-designed water filter cartridge was developed to reduce sediment and scale in your water.

Comfortable to use and realistic in its installation, this water filter cartridge is going to make sure that you keep bacteria and chlorine out of the water that you are using to serve and cook for customers. This in combination with the protection against sediment and scaling is going to make the 3M Water Filtration HF45-S-SR replacement water filter cartridge a “must have” when you want to keep everything working smoothly for better tasting water.


  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) encapsulated cartridge design reduces media contamination during change-outs.
  • Expansive breadth of product offering that can accommodate most applications.
  • Multiple choice of medias to help provide solutions for varying water conditions.
  • FDA CRF-21 compliant materials.
  • NSF Certified; 3M Purification Inc: Commercial Modular-High Flow Series1
  • Fits standard A3 keyed heads

Product Brand


NSF Listed

HF45-S-SR Resources

3M Water Filtration HF45-S-SR Specifications


OEM Numbers
HF45-S-SR, 5613346, 70020300409, Cuno HF45-S-SR


Filter Cartridges
Filter Type
Filter Type
Flow Rate
3.5 GPM
Micron Rating
NSF Listed
Sanitary Quick Change
Water Filter Application
Ice Machines
5 Pounds
Product Condition

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