3M Water Filtration CFS420IMF

3M Water Filtration CFS420IMF, 9 3/4" Retrofit Sediment Reduction and Scale Inhibitor Replacement Drop In Cartridge

$44.20 /ea

3M Water Filtration CFS420IMF Overview

Water Filter Cartridge Details:

When you're looking at putting a lid on the amount of sediment that seems to make its way into your water, you're probably expecting a series of expensive options all of which are going to require sophisticated installation and maintenance, right? Well, this 3M Water Filtration CFS420IMF commercial cuno pre-filter water filtration cartridge for scale and sediment is going to be the happy exception to the rule.

This 3M Water Filtration CFS420IMF well-designed commercial water filter cartridge will help you to trap all of those bacteria-ridden sediment particles that are so popular in our water, and that will allow you to have the same high flow convenience that you loved before, while providing you with sediment-free water so that you can get it all working with little inconvenience to you. This is the kind of product that is going to help you move into the big leagues. Get ready for easy access, ease in changing, and convenience all in one simple, affordable package. Whether you thought it was possible before or not, this is certainly a game changer.

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 9.75 Inches

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CFS420IMF Resources

3M Water Filtration CFS420IMF Specifications


OEM Numbers
CFS420IMF, 5560905, 70020319300, Cuno CFS420IMF


9.75 Inches


Filter Cartridges
Filter Type
Filter Type
Flow Rate
Micron Rating
Water Filter Application
Water Filter Application
Espresso, Coffee, & Tea Brewers
Water Filter Application
Ice Machines
1 Pounds
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