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Brand: Steelworks
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Steelworks SWDIIB-181810
Steelworks SWDIIB-181810

18" x 18" Drop-In Ice Chest, 35 Lb Capacity

$451.60 /ea


Steelworks SWDIIB-182410
Steelworks SWDIIB-182410

18" x 24" Drop-In Ice Chest, 50 Lb Capacity

$505.73 /ea


Steelworks SWDIIB-183010
Steelworks SWDIIB-183010

18" x 30" Drop-In Ice Chest, 65 Lb Capacity

$561.84 /ea


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Commercial bar ice chest equipment is designed specifically for the storage of ice and comes in either a free-standing ice chest set or a drop-in ice chest configuration. Many of these underbar ice bins come equipped with a cold plate and we only carry equipment manufactured by the top brands such as Eagle Group and Lancer at the most competitive prices. If you are running a bar or a restaurant that has a bar in it, then you know the importance of providing cold beverages and drinks to the customers. Most of the customers visit those bars again that have properly chilled drinks. To meet this requirement of the customers, having underbar ice bins or underbar ice chest at your bar is a must. Underbar ice bins offer you space to keep ice cubes inside the shelf and use them with the drinks. This reduces the use of space and also makes the work easier for the workers.

There are many stores that have only a limited variety of underbar ice chests and you don’t get enough choices to make a good decision. So, we focus on bringing you all kinds of products to choose from. We have a very wide range of products for customers with all kinds of requirements and advancements that they may demand. In our wide range of products, we have underbar ice bins that can hold a huge amount of ice cubes and also remove the melted water from the bin. This smart work makes your work easier and saves you from the extra effort. All of the underbar ice bins & ice chests on our online store are very reasonable. There is not a product that people would think is expensive or not worth the price. We have researched the market and then have brought different kinds of products to our customers to use. Our rates are better than many of the other stores and you can check this on your own.

All the products have prices according to the services they are offering. Our team of experts has checked out the stats on all of our underbar ice bins & ice chests that we have listed. The products mentioned are tested to face all kinds of difficulty and perform well. The products we offer are of standard quality and none of our products can be classified as cheap or low quality. Each and every function of the product is tested before it is placed for sale. The underbar ice bins & underbar ice chests that we offer to our customers are made to do the work for long periods of time. The products are used by many people and they have reviewed them well. The durability of the products might cause you a one-time investment but it also saves a lot of your money on buying new products. This money can be used on other products in your restaurant or bar. From our wide range of products, you can check all the products and then buy the one that suits you according to your needs. We have provided all the necessary info with the products for your ease.