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Respected within the industry as being experts in making a bar feel brilliant, Glastender makes some of the best bar equipment & bar refrigeration you can find. Formed in 1969 by Jon D. Hall, you can enjoy working with one of the most recognized names within the industry. Glastender is one of the experts in the art of bar refrigeration, ensuring that you can always serve every customer who steps foot on your premises with the coldest, coolest drinks possible. With Glastender's first invention, the automatic rotary glasswasher, Glastender ensured they had a permanent legacy within the industry. Today, you can make it much easier for your staff to handle the time-consuming process of washing glasses. More importantly, you can do a lot more with the numerous bar wares that Glastender offer you.

For example, you could easily work with a Glastender back bar cooler, or you could use it to help make sure that bottles and drinks remain perfectly chilled for each customer. Regardless of your choice or your reasons, you will soon find that using Glastender bar equipment & bar refrigeration makes sense as Glastender offers such a simplistic service overall. From new Glastender glass chillers and to Glastender beer dispensary systems, they make it easy for you to increase the standard of service your business can provide.

Build the best bar possible with Glastender Bar Refrigeration Equipment

Using a company like Glastender, you are more or less guaranteed to pick up a high standard of bar management solutions. Buying a drink from a bar is never a good feeling when that same drink comes back to you feeling warm – with Glastender, such problems become a thing of the past.

Easy to install and to set up, all of our bar equipment from Glastender can easily be used to help entice people to come back for more. It’s a large part of the reason why we are so happy to work with Glastender at GoFoodservice. We like to work with companies who can promise quality and with Glastender, you are working with a company which fully appreciates the role in which it plays. If you are serious about making the right choice and really benefiting from a better standard of commercial bar equipment, then you are in the right place. From new Glastender underbar sinks to Glastender replacement parts for all of your Glastender bar equipment & Glastender bar refrigeration, we will make sure you have something to fulfill your needs and make sure you can get the best bar set-up in a fraction of the normal time.

Best Sellers By Glastender

Glastender MF24-S

24" Mug Froster / Chiller, Stainless Steel

Glastender FSB-60R-S

60" Four Compartment Bar Sink, Stainless Steel

Glastender C1FB60

60" 2 Solid Door Back Bar Cooler, Black

Glastender C1FB84

84" 3 Solid Door Back Bar Cooler, Black

Glastender MF48-B

48" Mug Froster / Chiller, Vinyl Clad w/ No Shelves

Glastender MF36-B

36" Mug Froster / Chiller, Vinyl Clad

Glastender TSB-60-S

60" Three Compartment Bar Sink, Stainless Steel

Glastender C1FB36

36" 1 Solid Door Back Bar Cooler, Black

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