Lancer Commercial Ice & Beverage Dispensing Equipment


Lancer, a subsidiary of Hoshizaki, is a manufacturer and provider of beverage dispensers, ice dispensers and accessories for customers worldwide, and has a strong history that spans back over 40 years. The company is committed to meeting customer needs, and providing quality yet budget-friendly options for any size commercial business. No matter what industry you may work in, Lancer has an option for keeping beverages delicious and cold, with dispensers, ice chests, and more.

Lancer Ice & Beverage Dispensers

With Lancer's ice and beverage dispensers, your customers can enjoy the cold, refreshing taste of the drink of their choice. The company makes and sells a full line of dispensers that meet your expectations, with various dispensing modes available, including push button dispensing, self-serve levers, and portion control. The interchangeable graphic panel and visual indicators let you keep your machine looking just as great as the drinks it serves.

Lancer Ice Chests

Whether you need a freestanding ice chest or a drop in, Lancer has the ice chest with the capacity and configuration you need. All of Lancer's ice chest options come with a cold plate to keep ice comfortably cooled and are available in a range of sizes. Store more ice easily with an ice chest from Lancer.

Lancer Ice & Water Dispensers

Whether you already have an ice machine to make ice or if you're wanting to have your staff manually bring ice from the back of your restaurant so customers can serve themselves, you'll want to check out Lancer's selection of ice & water dispensers. However, if you don't have an ice maker to put on top of the dispenser or you would rather your personnel not be tied up in delivering buckets of ice to an ice dispenser, check out our selection of ice maker & water dispensers today! You might not find Lancer specific products there but you will come to find a selection of other high quality commercial ice brands there to satisfy your needs.

Best Sellers By Lancer

Lancer 85-4420H

Countertop Manual Fill Ice Dispenser, 180 Lb Storage

Lancer 85-4526H-111

22" 180 Lb Cubed Ice & Beverage Dispenser, 6 Valve, Self Serve Lever, IBD4500

Lancer 85-4548H-111

30" 250 Lb Cubed Ice & Beverage Dispenser, 8 Valve, Self Serve, IBD4500

Lancer 85-4420H-02

Countertop Manual Fill Ice & Water Dispenser, 180 Lb Storage

Lancer 85-0461

60 Lb Free Standing Ice Chest, Cold Plate, IC 400

Lancer 85-0408

60 Lb Drop In Ice Chest, Cold Plate, IC 400

Lancer 85-2376-111

23" 100 Lb Ice Cooled Drop In Dispenser, 6 Valve, LEV Self Serve Lever, ICD2300STD

Lancer 85-4848-111

30" 250 Lb Chewable Ice & Soda Beverage Dispenser, 8 Valve, IBD30, Sensation

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