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Whether you’re serving up Japanese favorites or boasting breakfast dishes, we have teppanyaki griddles and drop-in griddles to give your customers the delicious delicacies that they crave! Lang Manufacturing is an industry leader and a fan favorite in the world of drop-in griddles and we’ve brought them right here for your convenience. Choose from a selection of electric built-in griddles and teppanyaki griddles that fit perfectly in your space and achieve deep, rich flavors with fast and even cooking.

All of our teppanyaki and drop-in griddles include industry upgrades like Incoloy sheathed heating elements, precision machined polished steel surfaces, and recessed control panels. All of these features help to create a user-friendly cooking experience and a finished product that your customers will crave with anticipation.

As if that wasn’t enough, all of our drop-in griddles come with a hefty grease drawer that allows users to cook for longer periods without interruptions. Quick and simple use and clean-up will keep chefs happy from start to finish!

Browse our selection of teppanyaki and drop-in griddles now to see how you can elevate your griddle game!