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GoFoodservice is proud to offer top-quality products crafted by Eastern Tabletop. Since its start in 1950, Eastern Tabletop has been a trusted supplier of premium food service items. Their beautiful sterling silver items became a popular gift choice in the city of Manhattan. Soon they expanded to serving large hotel and buffet lines.

Sanitization is of utmost importance to food service establishments such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, banquet halls, and catering companies. Eastern Tabletop has a selection of sanitizing foggers and misters which remove 99.9% of unwanted germs, bacteria, and molds on surfaces as well as in the air. This touchless method of sanitization allows for a convenient way to clean areas that are hard to reach.

Along with sanitizing foggers and misters, Eastern Tabletop’s collection of all-purpose cleaners and disinfectants deserve a look. Coming in sizes as large as five gallons, these cleaners are a must-have for any food establishment. Your guests and customers will surely appreciate visiting a place that is sparkly clean.

During the cooler seasons, your guests do not have to be limited to the indoors. Keep your guests and customers warm and comfortable while dining outside with the patio heaters from Eastern Tabletop. The Propane Gas Pyramid Patio Heater and Propane Gas Umbrella Patio Heater, both made from sturdy, weather-resistant stainless steel, provide a way for employees and customers to stay cozy outside. With the ability to warm large areas, these non-invasive, tasteful appliances are a welcome addition to any outdoor patio area.

GoFoodservice aims to supply only the best products to our loyal customers. Eastern Tabletop has proved to craft top-quality food service items that are enjoyed by many establishments across the country. For assistance navigating through the catalog of Eastern Tabletop products, do not hesitate in contacting our awesome customer service team! They will be happy to help you find the products that best fit your business needs.

Eastern Tabletop Best Sellers

Eastern Tabletop 3113, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Eastern Tabletop products
Eastern Tabletop 3113

3 Gallon Park Avenue Stainless Steel Coffee Urn

$527.88 /ea


Eastern Tabletop 3510, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Eastern Tabletop products
Eastern Tabletop 3510

1 Qt Anasphere Plus™ Concentrated Disinfectant

$134.86 /ea


Eastern Tabletop 02508AC, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Eastern Tabletop products
Eastern Tabletop 02508AC

25" x 8" Quarter Circle Acrylic Display Shelf

$285.39 /ea


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