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Whether you are putting on the Thanksgiving spread at your house this year, upgrading that pool barbecue, or you’ve recently started a catering company, GoFoodservice, offers a wide variety of electric and gas griddles and grills, along with commercial gas griddles and grills, both available with various power configurations. We know we can fit you with a solution to exceed your expectations!

Our electric and/or gas grills and griddles are perfect for hearty, savory dinners or fluffy, light breakfasts. Featuring the highest quality brands like Bakers Pride, Vulcan, Waring, and so many more!

What is right for your kitchen? From breakfast to burgers, if the type of food you cook requires a smooth release surface, then an electric or gas griddle is what you need. If basting ribs by the pool sounds good, then a premium gas grill may just be the ticket.

Regardless of how many burners you require, control type - manual or thermostatic - or energy type (electric or gas) we have a commercial griddle or grill that will meet your needs. From units that are 12" wide all the way up to 72" with variable depths, we offer a commercial flat top griddle to fit any size commercial restaurant or kitchen. And remember, these gas and electric griddles and grills aren’t just for restaurants anymore. With the correct equipment from GoFoodservice you can get restaurant quality at home, too!

We pride ourselves in offering competitive prices, so browse our selection today. Unsure what type of griddle you might need? Then contact one of our customer service experts today so that we can help you get the right solution put in place in your establishment asap!