Commercial Exhaust Hoods

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Commercial exhaust hoods keep your kitchen environment comfortable and safe by reducing strong odors and mitigating steam and smoke. This is incredibly important as promotes the health of kitchen staff and contributes to an overall better dining experience for guests. We want your kitchen to be a happy and healthy kitchen which is why our experts have compiled the most trustworthy kitchen ventilation hoods on the market from the brands you love. They’re all right here in one convenient spot for you to browse with ease!

Fan favorites from brands like Eagle Group, Convotherm, and John Boos will help you and your kitchen staff breathe a sigh of relief. We carry an assortment of commercial ventilation hoods to suit every need. From front discharge commercial exhaust hoods, condensation hoods, and internal discharge hoods, there’s something for every commercial kitchen. Whatever style you choose, you can purchase with confidence knowing that our commercial ventilation hoods are made of industry-leading quality and materials. All of our hoods are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel that’s easy to maintain and will last you for years to come. Plus, they come packed with features that you can’t afford to go without

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