Pasta Machines & Cookers

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Get the equipment you need for your commercial or industrial kitchen to make authentic, delicious pasta. GoFoodservice provides an elite selection of commercial pasta machines & cookers, all made with durable, food-safe materials and engineered for maximum performance. Enable your cooks to make custom pasta and better serve your customers with our line of top-quality cooking equipment, rethermalizers, and pasta-making machines. GoFoodservice is your definitive source for commercial pasta equipment to enhance your restaurant or industrial kitchen.

Commercial pasta machines and commercial pasta cookers are the ideal tools for taking your menu to the next level. Pasta made from scratch offers a gourmet experience that can’t be replicated. It's easy to add delicious, traditional dishes to your menu when you invest in a pasta maker. Pasta cookers and rethermalizers streamline the cooking process and keep your pasta fresh, making it simple to serve delicious meals as soon as they’re ordered. GoFoodservice is proud to carry the industry’s best pasta equipment. Explore machines from Axis by MVP, Hatco, Louis Tellier, Nemco, Pitco, Southbend, Waring, Weston, and more.

Commercial pasta machines and pasta-making tools are carefully calibrated to deliver the best results every time. Hand-cranked pasta makers by Louis Tellier and Weston use the same heritage design found in kitchens throughout Europe. These machines are simple and efficient. Since they’re operated with a hand crank, anyone on your team can learn to make delicious pasta in a snap. Weston’s electric pasta maker can help you automate your kitchen. You’ll be able to make traditional spaghetti, fettuccine, linguini, tagliatelle, and more. Use your pasta immediately or let it dry with a Louis Tellier pasta drying rack.

Once your pasta is rolled, commercial pasta cookers make it simple to prepare. Offering multiple baskets to cook various dishes at the same time, a pasta cooker is similar to a deep fryer. One obvious difference is that commercial pasta cookers use boiling water instead of hot oil. You can always have hot water ready to go with a pasta cooker! With freestanding and countertop models, we carry an option for every kitchen. Prepare for the dinner rush with commercial pasta rethermalizers. These tools use bain-marie techniques to keep food warm, ready, and safe before plating. Rethermalizers are a valuable upgrade over heat lamps since they don’t dry out your homemade pasta.

GoFoodservice offers premium pasta options to upgrade your dining experience. Explore our commercial pasta machines and commercial pasta cookers from today’s top brands. Have questions about your pasta needs? Please reach out! We love talking to our clients and are always happy to discuss pasta in more detail.