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Weston Helps People Reconnect With Real Food

In a world full of filters and fillers, Weston’s authenticity stands out. Weston's mission is to allow people to create their own real local food with the freshest ingredients. Those who enjoy creating goods with their own hands will find that Weston has all the equipment you need to make your own sausage, jerky, and other meat products as well as the supplies needed to package them up for sale. When you have something great, why not share it? Weston is grounded in family values and wants to do its part in keeping time-honored food traditions alive for future generations.

Some Foods Are Just Better When They’re Made With Love

Weston knows that everything is better when it’s made with love. Food just seems to taste better when it’s made from scratch with tools like homemade pasta machines and manual sausage stuffers. Weston’s products are all built with materials that carry the same level of integrity as the Weston brand itself. Heavy-duty construction and designs that are easy to clean are just some of the perks you’ll find when you purchase Weston meat processing equipment and supplies. Plus, many of Weston’s meat processing equipment and accessories come with a warranty. Now that really beefs up the deal!

Perfect For Personal Or Commercial Use

The great thing about Weston’s meat processing equipment is that it’s affordable and small enough to be used in a personal kitchen, but it can also stand up to the demands of commercial meat processing. Whether you’re shopping for personal or commercial use, here are some of the most popular Weston products that we carry:

  • Meat grinders and meat choppers
  • Food dehydrator
  • Meat and sausage mixers
  • Vacuum packaging equipment
  • Pasta making machines
  • Sausage stuffers and jerky shooters
  • Meat tenderizers and marinators

Browse our selection of Weston meat processing equipment and supplies and start creating food recipes today that will be handed down as family heirlooms for many tomorrows!

Best Sellers By Weston

Weston 28-0501-W

24 Tray Food Dehydrator, 1,600 Watt

Weston 65-1301-W

Vacuum Packaging Machine, 15" Seal Bar

Weston 07-3701-RE

Countertop Manual Meat Tenderizer / Jerky Slicer

Weston 30-0015-W

15" x 50' External Vacuum Packaging Bag Roll, 3 Mil

Weston 65-0101

Vacuum Packaging Machine, 15" Seal Bar

Weston 65-0401-W

Vacuum Packaging Machine, 15" Seal Bar

Weston 65-0501-W

Vacuum Packaging Machine, 11" Seal Bar

Weston 65-3001-W

Vacuum Packaging Machine, 11" Seal Bar

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