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Treat your customers like family
In food service, our guests and customers become like family, so they deserve to be treated that way! When serving up dishes at your restaurant, hotel kitchen, hospital, catering business, or bakery, treat your customers to the very best with the perfect dinnerware selections. We think you'll be delighted by the selection of high-quality sets GoFoodservice can offer your business.

With everything from porcelain, bone china, melamine, enamel, plastic, metal, and glass, GoFoodservice has precisely what you need, plus a few extra items like dessert dishes and Charcuterie boards to really bring your menu to life. With collections from TableCraft, Bon Chef, Winco, and American Metalcraft, the only hard part will be choosing from all of your favorites! But don’t worry, we can even help with that!

At GoFoodservice, we love helping you choose the perfect items for your restaurant, hotel kitchen, hospital, catering business, or bakery. So please reach out if you need help sorting through all of our choices because we can’t wait to help you get started!

How do I know what type of dinnerware to choose?
You’ll know what type of dinnerware to choose based on the kind of service you provide for your guests and customers. If you’re looking for something classic, bone china would be a perfect choice. Enamel will also be ideal if you’re going for more of a camping, casual vibe. So when deciding, be sure to consider your customers first.

When should I consider purchasing miscellaneous items?
You should consider purchasing miscellaneous items when you would use these specialty items. The Chinese spoons are great, for example, with brothy soups that many restaurants offer. You’ll also love the Molcajete salsa bowls for serving delicious salsas and guacamole.