Plastic Dinnerware

Find reusable plastic dinnerware and resin dinnerware!

Serve up Style and Durability
As a service-based business, your company spends a lot of time giving people exactly what they need or request. When companies serve as many as yours, they need dinnerware that stands the test of time, toddlers, and tumbles. After all, there’s no telling who will walk through the doors of your restaurant, hotel kitchen, hospital, catering business, or bakery next!

GoFoodservice has an incredible collection of dinnerware to suit your every need. With reusable plastic plates from Cambro, you have a wide selection of plate sizes to suit your every serving need. With four color options, you’ll also be able to coordinate with your space. For larger servings, Cambro offers sturdy plastic platters, and American Metalcraft offers elegant resin platters that will add an extra touch of class to any setup, from food preparation to serving and dining.

GoFoodservice has what you need at the most reasonable and competitive prices. We can even help you build the perfect shopping list that responds directly to your needs. So please reach out to us today to get started!

How do I know what color of plastic dinnerware to choose?
You’ll know what color of plastic dinnerware to choose based on the colors of the space in which you serve your food. For example, if you are going for a warm feel, the beige color would suit that environment perfectly. On the other hand, if the walls have more of a cool color, consider going for the slate blue. If you are going for an edgy look, the black will go perfectly. Lastly, the classic white dish is a low-risk, perfect option for pretty much any situation.

How is resin different from plastic?
Resin is different from plastic because resin is clear and often more decorative. Resin dishes add something extra special to your dining space. On the other hand, plastics typically have color, like the kind Cambro offers.