Enamel Dinnerware

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Make meals extra special
In food service, we aim to capture emotion. There’s almost nothing that does that better than food, but the dishes you serve it on can also have a profound impact. With companies as committed as yours to bringing a unique experience to guests in your restaurant, hotel kitchen, hospital, catering business, or bakery, we think you’ll love the look and feel of enamel dinnerware.

GoFoodservice offers an extensive collection of enamel plates, enamel bowls, enamel mugs, enamel saucers, and even enamel platters from TableCraft, a favorite company around here. You even have two colors to choose from. We carry the classic blue and white speckled option that brings to mind Cowboy chili and late-night marshmallow cookouts, but we also carry a white with black rim option. These two colors even look great complimenting each other across the table. So you really can’t go wrong here.

At GoFoodservice, we take great pride in ensuring that we have the right tools for you and your customers. We can’t wait to see what you choose for your business, but be sure to reach out if you need anything along the way or as you’re getting started.

What’s the difference between enamel and plastic?
The difference between enamel and plastic comes down to durability and appearance. Plastic dinnerware and enamel dinnerware are both washable, but enamel tends to keep its "just new" quality for a more extended time. It also tends to be more durable for our customers.

Why should restaurants choose enamel for their dinnerware?
Restaurants should choose enamel for their dinnerware if they are looking for something that is long-lasting and will elicit a feeling of nostalgia for customers. There’s something special about feeling like the host is doting on the customer, and enamel dinnerware tends to invoke those feelings.