Disposable Dinnerware

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Dinner doesn’t always have to be fancy to be delicious. Disposable dinnerware is great for businesses on the go and outdoor dining. Plus, you may not know it yet but disposable dinnerware has come a long way since the styrofoam plates at backyard barbecues of yesteryear.

Did you know there’s disposable dinnerware that’s made of wood? TableCraft has crafted disposable plates and bowls made of bamboo and pinewood and we are so excited to offer them in our disposable dinnerware lineup! It doesn’t stop there. We have an entire line of eco-friendly compostable dinnerware that even includes soup containers. World Centric has created 100% compostable takeout containers so you can eat that bowl of ice cream guilt-free… almost. Hey, you earned it for keeping the environment happy.

Of course, we also stock disposable paper dinnerware and traditional plastic disposable flatware which are easy on the budget and won’t fold under the pressure of your irresistible food. Whichever type of disposable dinnerware you prefer, all of these products will make cleanup a breeze.

Whatever you’re serving up, we have the disposable dinnerware to help you deliver it.