RF Hunter FB03
RF Hunter FB03

RF Hunter FB03, Fryer Filter Media, Cloth, Square Bags (case of 12)

$79.96 /ea

RF Hunter FB03 Overview

Fryer Filter Media Details:

For your HF Model and Ecco One deep fryers, you need to make sure that you are always covered when it comes to protecting your deep fryers as much as possible. Take a look at this RF Hunter FB03 set of fryer filter cloth square bags and see just how it's going to help you stay on top of the hygiene situation as well as help reduce build up and other potential dangers when it comes to your deep fryer's regular wear and tear.

A well-designed and hard working cloth square will cover the distance that you want to help maintain your deep fryer and do your part for the environment around you, too. Sold in packs of 12, this will keep you going for a good period of time and still help offer you protection by your own terms.


  • Used with RF Hunter HF (After 1991 models) and Ecco One Models.
  • Case of 12

Product Dimensions:

  • Width (Inches - Front to Back): 19 Inches
  • Length (Inches - Left to Right): 17.5 Inches

RF Hunter FB03 Specifications


Length (Inches - Left to Right)
17.5 Inches
Width (Inches - Front to Back)
19 Inches


Equivalent Brands
RF Hunter
Product Condition

Compatible Products

Models numbers shown are for reference only, may not be listed, may vary by serial number and subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm the proper item to be used with your model.

RF Hunter HF80
RF Hunter Ecco One
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RF Hunter HF165

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