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For those who like to use RF Hunter fryer filtration equipment, you’ll understand why so many users affectionately know them as ‘the fry guys’ – the standard is incredible. For over 70 years, RF Hunter has produced an outstanding range of high quality, innovative and reliable fryer filtration equipment that really does make a big difference.

RF Hunter's rich and varied history makes it easy for you to get the right impact on your business, offering a greater standard of oil filtration for better, more effective frying. From finding new RF Hunter oil filtration systems, RF Hunter powders or RF Hunter fry oil media to finding various RF Hunter fryer filter parts, we will have something totally tailored to your needs personally. It can be hard to find the right kind of choice, and it’s why our numerous RF Hunter frying filter parts allow you to make the right change and find what you require. From new RF Hunter fryer filter screens to a new RF Hunter fryer oil filter itself, we make it easy for you to find previously inaccessible solutions to help make sure you are left with a very easy to use, effective piece of hardware.

Making the right choice for your hardware can be tough work, but we will ensure you can make any RF Hunter hardware last for many more years to come. All it takes is the right approach to adjustment and a desire to keep your previous RF Hunter filtration system working. A few short adjustments will be almost certain to help you get the right kind of finish for a fraction of price you would normally pay.

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Best Sellers By RF Hunter

RF Hunter FE09

Fryer Filter Media, Envelope, 17 1/2" x 18 1/2" (case of 100 sheets)

RF Hunter HF05048

Discharge Hose

RF Hunter HF 80

80 Lb Fryer Oil Filter, Mobile, Gravity Drain

RF Hunter FE02

Fryer Filter Media, Envelope, 14" x 15 1/2" (case of 100 sheets)

RF Hunter HF2512

Square Filter Screen

RF Hunter FA09

Filter Assembly for HF80

RF Hunter FE39

Fryer Filter Media, Envelope, 12 1/4" x 17" (case of 100 sheets)


65 Lb Fryer Oil Filter, Mobile, Gravity Drain

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