Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP431
Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP431

Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP431, Replacement Scale Inhibition Cartridge for AP430SS Residential Water Filter System, 1 pack

$34.00 /ea

Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP431 Overview

AP430SS Replacement Scale Inhibition Cartridge Details:

Keeping a filter system working properly means that you need to replace the cartridge at the right time. Moreover, you need to make sure that you are replacing it with the correct replacement cartridge. This replacement filter cartridge is intended specifically for the AP430SS Residential Water Filter System.

When installed correctly and replaced, this will keep doing the same quality job of reducing scaling that is so prominent in building up on your appliances and other metallic surfaces. You'll find that a replacement filter will continue to enhance and prolong the life of your favorite hot water appliances such as dishwashers and shower heads.

This filter is easy to change for maximum convenience so that you are in charge of your home's water filter system once again. Getting the right replacement filter can be easy, you just need to make sure that you are matching it up with the one that you have already. Other than that, you can get back to enjoying the clean and healthy water that this is going to provide.

Model Specifics: Includes 1 Cartridge


  • Scale Inhibition replacement filter cartridge for AP430SS System
  • Contains polyphosphates to bind calcium and magnesium, preventing them from becoming solid and building up on metallic surfaces
  • Helps extend the life of down-stream water-using appliances such as water ehaters, clothes and dish washers, and plumbing fixtures like faucets, pipes, and shower heads
  • Easy to change cartridge helps provide easy system maintenance
  • Manudacturered rom FDA CFR-21 compliant materials

Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP431 Specifications


OEM Numbers
AP431, AP43111


Filter Type
Flow Rate
10 GPM
1 Filter
Scale Remover
Water Filter Application
Product Condition

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5 out of 5 stars from 1 reviews

Aaron - Sep 29, 2017

Great Product!!! I am using it on my Hot Water Heater. I has cut down scale build up around sink faucets and the toilet bowls. Will Purchase again!!!

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