Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP430SS
Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP430SS

Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP430SS, Scale Inhibition Water Filter System

$79.45 /ea

Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP430SS Overview

Scale Inhibition Water Filter System Details:

Scaling is a common problem for most places around the world – if not all – and homes can often suffer damage or premature wear and tear on their appliances due to its prominence. To help create the right kind of protection, this water filtration system is designed to cut the scaling down throughout your filtration system.

From dishwashers to water heaters to piping, this filter is going to help make sure that everything keeps working at the top of its ability, and scaling is going to be much less than it would be without its installation. An added benefit is that this filter helps enhance the quality of the water through the reduction of the scaling, but also in its design as being safe for drinking, cooking and any other kind of food preparation that you need it for.

Ideal with its easy installation and protection for all those who choose to put it in place, this is going to deliver quality with its first use. This could be the very thing to keep your ice maker working at its best possible rate for much longer.


  • Helps protect piping, water heaters, washing and dishwashing machines, or any other appliance that utilizes hot water
  • Easy to install and change out cartridge
  • Suitable for drinking, cooking, and all other food application

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 10.25 Inches
  • Diameter: 2.75 Inches

Product Brand

AP430SS Resources

Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP430SS Specifications


OEM Numbers
AP430SS, AP43011


10.25 Inches
2.75 Inches


Filter Type
Flow Rate
10 GPM
Includes Faucet
Scale Inhibition
Water Filter Application
1.9 Pounds
Product Condition

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