Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP-DWS1000
Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP-DWS1000

Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP-DWS1000, Under Sink Water Filter System, Dedicated Faucet, Level 2

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Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP-DWS1000 Overview

Model Specifics: Reduces Sediments, Rust, Chlorine Taste & Odor, Particulates, CTO, Lead, Cysts, MTBE, Select VOCs

Under Sink Water Filter System Details:

Keep water clean at all times by trusting the proper under sink water filtration system. This handy unit is going to be the exact model that you're going for with its dedicated faucet for installation and its effortless space-saving design. When installed, this filtration system will reduced the chlorine smell as well as taste in your water. Additionally, this will help reduce sediment and partical matter that is common in tap water, and even help reduce the levels of MTBE, VOCs as well as cysts.

This means cleaner, better tasting, healthier water that is going to make a noticeable difference as soon as it's installed. The cartridge is easy to install and change when the time comes, making it the efficient choice for those who are looking for something effortless without compromising on quality. The icing on the cake is that this is equipped with an automatic shutoff feature that is intended to remind all users to change the cartridge. With a busy commercial kitchen in the midst of rushes and crowds, this is a wonderful feature to have in place so that safety is always a priority.


  • Comes with dedicated faucet to install
    • Additional performance claims compared to full flow systems
  • Space saving design for easy installation
  • Reduces Chlorine taste and odor, sediment/particulate, lead, MTBE, select VOC's, and parasitic protozoan cysts for better tasting, cleaner water
  • Easy to install and change cartridge
  • Automatic shutoff feature reminds user to change cartridges
  • Includes: Faucet and pipe connections

Replacement cartridges: AP-DW80/90

Note: For this system to perform as advertised/sold, regularly scheduled maintenance is recommended, including replacement of the cartridge(s) at least every six months, depending on water quality.

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 10.88 Inches
  • Depth: 3.25 Inches
  • Height: 15.75 Inches

Product Brand


NSF Listed

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Aqua-Pure by 3M™ AP-DWS1000 Specifications


OEM Numbers
AP-DWS1000, 5583101


10.88 Inches
3.25 Inches
15.75 Inches


Filter Type
Filter Type
Filter Type
Filter Type
Flow Rate
0.6 GPM
Includes Faucet
Micron Rating
NSF Listed
Drinking Water / Under Sink
Water Capacity
625 Gallons
Water Filter Application
10 Pounds
Product Condition

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