Omcan USA 44989
Omcan USA 44989

Omcan USA 44989, 58" Stagionello MaturMeat Meat Curing Cabinet, 440 Lb Capacity

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Omcan USA 44989 Overview

Model Specifics: 2 sections w/ individual control panels.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stagionello system produces salami on an average of only 20 days without the need for chemical additives!
  • MaturMeat system ages meat in as little as 11 days, making meat such as beef into tender, juicy steaks safely
  • ClimaTouch® touch screen controls allow for automatic control of fermenting, drying, seasoning, salting, and smoking/flavoring
  • Fumotic® Dual purpose regulating system produces and manages humidity, cold smoke, and/or the flavor of the product inside the chamber
  • 304 Stainless steel construction with scotch-brite finish is easy to clean
  • Glass door with dual insulated glass panels allows you to monitor the aging process
  • High density, non-toxic polyurethan foam thermal insulation helps maintain optimal temperatures
  • Pre-calibrated pH probes designed to connect to a PLC and communicate data from the product to the display as well as record the data for later use
  • Four (4) additional probes for monitoring humidity, chamber temps, condenser temps, and evaporator/defrost temp probes
  • Includes 30 preset classic Italian recipes and is able to store up to 100 custom recipes
  • 4+5 Guide sets & 20 stainless steel salami rods / 5 stainless steel racks

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 58 Inches
  • Depth: 31 Inches
  • Height: 83 Inches
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Product Brand

44989 Resources

Omcan USA 44989 Specifications


OEM Numbers


58 Inches
31 Inches
83 Inches


440 Lbs
Exterior Summary
Stainless Steel
Interior Summary
Stainless Steel
Temperature Range
35.6° to 95°F
Curing Cabinets
220 Volts
3,700 Watts
798 Pounds
Product Condition

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