Jell-Craft 10183-GAL-4
Jell-Craft 10183-GAL-4

Jell-Craft 10183-GAL-4, 1 Gallon Grape Snow Cone Syrup / Slushy Mix (4/case)

$29.99 /ea

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Jell-Craft 10183-GAL-4 Overview

Jell-Craft Grape snow cone syrups are made using the finest ingredients and have remained a South Texas favorite for over 75 years. These snow cone syrups are brightly colored with the perfect texture to keep the snow cone syrup on top of the ice

Also Great for Slushies and Granitas!
Jell-Craft's snow cone syrup can also be used to make slushies and granitas for you to offer your customers amazing and tasty frozen drinks & punch. Simply:

  • Add 1 part syrup to 3 parts water
  • Freeze in a frozen drink machine
  • Yields 4 gallons

Size: 1 Gallon Container. Case of 4.

Product Brand

10183-GAL-4 Resources

Jell-Craft 10183-GAL-4 Specifications


Package Size
1 Gallon
12 Pounds
Mix Ratio
Snow Cone Syrup
Slushy & Granita Syrup
Product Condition

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