Jell-Craft Drink Mixes

People young and old enjoy a good drink; be it a soda, martini, apple juice, or slushy at the state fair. A good, refreshing drink and conversation, or gulping your soda down and running back out to play, is a staple of life. Folks may also need that drink to relax. Stores stock many kinds of drinks, including specialty drinks for those on special diets (ie, vegan), and organic drinks. However, many consumers love to mix their own special drinks; creating their own personal blend of flavor. And it’s not just kids who enjoy snow cones and slushys at the fair; adults often want to enjoy the tasty, handmade drinks too.

Jell Craft, a family-run brand under Son Beverage Co., gives many flavorful options of snow-cone syrups and beverage bases; for those who like a cold, tasty homemade blend. Whatever your tastes, you will find a mix that satisfies. Jell-Craft drink mixes include pina colada, lemon-lime margarita, banana, and vanilla-flavored blends; plus we have mixes that are root-beer-flavored and taste like your wedding cake. You can mix and enjoy a strawberry snow cone, grape-flavored slushy, or even a shaved ice; in the comfort of your own home, your concession stand, or any other venue you'd like to serve tasty drinks from. Coconut, mango, sour apple, and lime are other popular flavors of snow cone/slushy mixes; you can also enjoy the unique offering known as ‘tiger’s blood.’ (Roaring good!) The Jell-Craft brand offers these flavors in sugar-free blends, so you get that ‘sweet’ taste without the sweets. Mango and strawberry flavored mixes come in 4-packs; the others come in 1-gallon portions. Their containers have easy-grip handles that allow easy pouring from a funnel into your glass or blender. Mix and match your favorite mixes, and create your own unique drink that can be a hit at wedding receptions, graduation parties, or even your family dinner! Just add your favorites to your cart, and place your order.

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