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Cooling off on a hot summer day is easy when you have frozen drink mixes to help. Bursting with flavor and enticing the eyes with fun and vibrant colors is what makes frozen beverage mixes a must-have item for bars, restaurants, and concession stands around the world. Family-friendly slushies and snow cones pack a punch of sweet heat relief with mixes from Jell-Craft. There are tons of flavors to choose from – strawberry, coconut, mango, and watermelon to name a few. These budget-friendly frozen beverage mixes allow you to offer your customers a wide variety of flavors and customize their orders without breaking your bank.

If family-friendly icy delights aren’t quite in your wheelhouse, we can also help you make things a little more grown up with our assortment of iced beverage mixes for those customers that are 21 and older. Our selection of bar drink supplies has a variety of iced beverage mixes that are perfect for margaritas, pina coladas, and so much more. Tropics Mixology and Mr. and Mrs. T have frozen drink mixes that are sweet, savory, or tangy which means there’s something to satisfy every drink craving when things get hot.

Shop our selection of iced drink mixes and you’ll see how we can help you keep things cool when nature brings the heat!