Aqua-Pure by 3M 3MDW311

Aqua-Pure by 3M 3MDW311, Replacement Cartridge for 3MDW301 Residential Water Filter System, 1 pack

$276.04 /ea

Aqua-Pure by 3M 3MDW311 Overview

Water Filter Cartridge Details:

You've got a lot riding on your water filtering system, and we understand that you're looking for comforts such as easy cartridge changes and a great quality protection that is going to do the job that you expect it to. This is it, and you'll find that this replacement cartridge for the 3MDW301 Advanced Under Sink Drinking Water System is going to be the picture of easy changing and sanitary results.

This will help reduce chlorine, cysts, lead, asbestos and other common additives to tap water. Perfect for that under sink design that you want to be comfortable and convenient, this is going to keep itself simple and sweet even in the cartridge replacement so that you can rely on the overall system that it's going to give you. With this replacement cartridge you can enjoy the perfect blend of modern design and practicality.

Model Specifics: Includes 1 Cartridge


  • Replacement filter cartridge for 3MDW301 Advanced Undersink Drinking Water System
  • Reduces asbestos, Chloramine, Chlorine taste and odor, cysts, lead, MTBE, sediments, TTHMs, and select VOCs
  • Fast, easy, and sanitary cartridge change
  • Pre-filter wrap reduces sediment while helping to protect the carbon media
  • For bottle water alternatives, drinking water and hydration, pets, refrigerator dispensing and ice making, and brushing teeth

For system: 3MDW301

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 14.75 Inches
  • Diameter: 4.4 Inches

Aqua-Pure by 3M 3MDW311 Specifications


OEM Numbers
3MDW311, 3MDW311-01


14.75 Inches
4.4 Inches


Filter Type
Filter Type
Filter Type
Filter Type
Flow Rate
0.75 GPM
1 Filter
Micron Rating
Drinking Water / Under Sink
Water Capacity
1,000 Gallons
Water Filter Application
Product Condition

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