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No kitchen is complete without an ice machine and no ice machine is complete without ice scoops. Put the finishing touches on your restaurant kitchen or concession stand with an ergonomic ice shovel to make the job easier. You’ll recognize some of the most notable brands in commercial ice machine accessories, like San Jamar and Ice-O-Matic. Trusted for decades by the biggest names in the hospitality and restaurant industry, these ice machine paddles, ice machine scoops, ice machine rakes, ice machine shovels, are great for caterers, banquet halls, event venues, and dining facilities of any size. They’re even perfect for athletic training facility ice machines to help get ice on target areas faster for a quicker recovery!

While completing the job at hand is great, these ice scooping and breaking products were designed to go beyond their basic function. Ergonomic handles efficiently engineered designs for streamlined use and built-in germ guards all work together to increase user comfort and decrease exposure to contamination. This means happy and healthy kitchen staff and customers!

Whether you’re serving up icy cold drinks, icing down a delectable buffet, or bagging ice to sell, we have the ice paddles, ice rakes, kitchen scoops, and shovels to help you get the job done.