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46.5" Ice Paddle

$160.00 /ea


Follett PB502063
Follett PB502063

59" Ice Paddle

$395.00 /ea


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Commercial ice paddles are a must-have if you have a large-capacity ice machine. Over time, ice can form into large clumps making it nearly impossible to break apart and use. Keeping a commercial ice paddle handy can help you address this scenario before it ever becomes an issue.

The biggest names in commercial ice machines, like Follett and Ice-O-Matic, have created commercial ice paddles to help you make the most of your commercial ice machines. They come in various sizes to make sure that you’re getting the best fit for your ice needs. Crafted from durable plastic that can withstand the motions of moving large volumes of ice, these commercial ice paddles will get the job done each and every time.

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