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Every business within the hospitality industry will no doubt be aware of the immense importance of purchasing a good standard of commercial ice making equipment. Keeping the drinks cool is the secret to keeping customers happy. With our knowledge and our passion for good quality Follett ice equipment and Follett ice parts, we are proud to work with Follett. Follett has been a major part of the food service industry for over 60 years, and they make it extremely easy for you to manage the whole process much easier than ever before.

The best quality of commercial ice machines for your business with Follett Ice Equipment

From a Follett undercounter ice machine to a Follett ice and water dispenser, you should find it incredibly simple to make the right choices here. Follett Ice bins, Follett ice baggers and other various Ice equipment will make sure you can keep the high quality business service standards moving forward. Settling for second best makes little sense – not with Follett. Follett makes it easy for you to find a higher standard of equipment at an affordable rate, all with the intent of making sure you can make the most of all of your ice. Rich and high standard Follett ice baggers, new Follett ice machine valves and new Follett ice machine control boards are all easily found here at GoFoodservice. We make it simple for you to locate every piece of Follett Ice equipment that you could possibly need.

Follett is a company with a sound and lasting reputation as experts who can be trusted when it comes to the standard of their hardware. This is why we look to make the right choices time and time again: we look to only show the best ice machines and make sure you can only pick from the best. So don’t waste any time looking at other equipment brands not suited to your needs, so instead, invest in Follett Ice Equipment!

Best Sellers By Follett

Follett 00130229

Ice Machine Complete Water Filter System, Standard Capacity

Follett 00130245

Single Replacement Cartridge for Follett 00130229 Water Filter System

Follett 00130211

Single Replacement Drop In Cartridge for Follett Water Prefilter System

Follett 00978965

Single Replacement Cartridge for Follett 00978957 Water Filter System

Follett 00954297

6 Pack Replacement Cartridge for Follett 00130229 Water Filter System

Follett 00968107

Single Cartridge Replacement Water Filter for Follett 7 Series Ice Machines

Follett 00954305

12 Pack Replacement Drop In Cartridge for Follett Water Prefilter System

Follett 12CI425A-S

425 Lb Countertop Chewblet Ice Machine & Water Dispenser, 12 Lb Storage Capacity, Air Cooled, Infrared Sensor

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