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Any business with a commercial ice machine should be sure to have a commercial ice shovel on standby at all times. Commercial ice shovels are more than a convenience. They help keep the workplace safe by reducing injuries and also limiting the ice’s exposure to contaminants from hands and other common materials.

Commercial ice shovels allow users to quickly and conveniently scoop ice, even hard to reach ice, from all corners of the commercial ice dispenser where it can then be easily bagged or moved to the area where it will be used. Having a commercial ice shovel handy can spare workers’ backs by helping them ergonomically scoop ice, plus it allows for quick movement of ice from the machine directly to its end destination which eliminates time that can contribute to melting. Brands like Follett and Ice-O-Matic have crafted commercial ice shovels that are sturdy, easily sanitized, and designed to reduce user fatigue, giving workers and consumers the comfort and reliability they deserve.

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