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Don’t you love the smell of freshly baked bread? So do your customers! If your bakery or restaurant is serving up steamy hot bread, then you’ll need a commercial bread slicer to go along with it There’s a commercial bread cutter for every size bakery. Whether you’re slicing up a few loaves or you’re cranking out well over 200 freshly sliced loaves of bread per hour, you’ll find a commercial bread slicer to suit your needs.

If bagels are more your style then go ahead and help your customers get one step closer to the schmear with a handy commercial bagel cutter. Tackle the morning rush with ease and get customers on their way to start their day in a matter of seconds. Heavy duty and handheld, these bagel slicers will save you time, manpower, and money.

Brands like Winco, Berkel, and Doyon are constantly innovating new technology and designs to improve the bread and bagel slicing experience. With built-in safety features and included warranties, you can trust these commercial bagel slicers and bread cutters to keep your workers safe, your shelves stocked, and your customers happy.