Baking Soda

See our selection of baking soda for multi-purpose leavening agents that every kitchen should have on hand!

Clabber Girl 00395
Clabber Girl 00395

5 Lb Baking Soda Tub (6/case)

$37.89 /ea


Clabber Girl 02390
Clabber Girl 02390

50 Lb Baking Soda Bag

$57.84 /ea


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Create Perfectly Baked Goods
If your restaurant, hotel kitchen, hospital, catering business, bakery, or even home creates an abundance of delicious baked goods, chances are good that you also go through a fair amount of baking soda. GoFoodservice has you covered! Plan ahead for all of your year-round baking by stocking up now on baking soda, an essential element to creating bakery-perfect items. Containing 100% Sodium bicarbonate, you'll love Clabber Girl’s leavening powder for its many baking uses to add texture and soften pancakes, cakes, breads, and baked goods.

Keep your kitchen fully stocked with a bulk order of large tubs or a bag from GoFoodservice. You have two size options for your kitchen to ensure you always have enough for your fluffy cakes and breads.

What does baking soda do?
Baking soda is an alkali compound. When combined with an acidic ingredient, you will notice a reaction that produces carbon dioxide gas. Soon, you’ll see tiny bubbles that will get trapped in the batter of your baked good, causing it to inflate. People can use many different acids with baking soda, including vinegar, lemon juice, yogurt, cream of tartar, or even buttermilk.

How else can you use baking soda?
You can use baking soda in many different ways outside of baking. For example, Clabber Girl baking soda is a wonderful environmentally friendly cleaner for dishes and is even an excellent household cleaner. Sprinkle some baking soda on difficult to clean dishes, let soak, then scrub the following day. No more forever-burnt pans!

How can you use baking soda to create a volcano?
You can use baking soda to create a volcano by putting baking soda inside a volcano structure an