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Clabber Girl first got their start in the baking powder manufacturing business over 100 years ago in 1899. Since then the company has grown and now offers many other foodservice essentials such as corn starch, baking soda, soft serve ice cream mixes, and many cheesecake, gelatin, and pie fillings that are used in kitchens across the world.

Our Clabber Girl Products and Availability

Here at GoFoodservice, we proudly offer Clabber Girl Soft Serve Ice Cream Mixes in delicious low-fat flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and mango. Just add water, and your restaurant, or any other hospitality business is ready to offer softserve ice cream to your delighted customers. Our selection of Clabber Girl products includes:

  • Low Fat Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix
  • Low Fat Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix
  • Low Fat Mango Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

GoFoodservice’s Featured Clabber Girl Products

Would you like to offer the classic treat of soft-serve ice cream in your restaurant, café, or any other hospitality establishment? Our selection Clabber Girl Soft Serve Ice Cream Mixes take the guesswork out of the equation. We offer delicious flavors ranging from classic to tropical! Simply add water, and you’ll have a perfect gourmet mix of velvety, soft-serve ice cream to offer to your patrons. Make no mistake, these timeless treats are a sure way to delight customers of all ages and tastes. So why not make your business the go-to spot for local ice cream goers?

More About Clabber Girl – Nation’s Leading Baking Manufacturer

Eversince its 1899 debut, Clabber Girl has become a household name around the country. Today, the company stands for far more than just high quality ingredients, they are also deeply rooted in their community of Terre Haute, Indiana, where Clabber Girl is involved in a number of philanthropic initiatives. Though their offerings have greatly expanded over the years from their initial baking powder product, their commitment to excellence continues to run through the company and all of its present-day selection.

Best Sellers By Clabber Girl

Clabber Girl 48923
Clabber Girl 48923

6 Lb. Low Fat Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix Bag (6/case)

Clabber Girl 48924
Clabber Girl 48924

6 Lb. Low Fat Mango Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix Bag (6/case)

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