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True Manufacturing is an industry leader in commercial refrigerators and refrigeration equipment since 1945. After over 75 years of production, True has become the manager's choice for energy-efficient refrigeration equipment in restaurants, food trucks, and catering companies alike.

True refrigeration products will exceed both your quality and performance expectations for years to come thanks to their solid manufacturing and design. Whether you need a smaller True beverage cooler or a larger commercial True refrigerator, there’s a True refrigerator for sale to meet your needs.

Our True Product Lineup

GoFoodservice is a preferred dealer for True Manufacturing and offers a full lineup of True Refrigeration equipment and accessories to meet your commercial kitchen needs. No matter if you are looking for a single item or a full kitchen package, our team can supply you with an array of True products. When you partner with us as your True supplier, you will gain decades of experience and support that will ultimately last the lifetime of your equipment.

Refrigeration is one of the most essential parts of your restaurant's kitchen. GoFoodservice offers one of the largest selections of True refrigeration equipment for a variety of kitchen tasks and applications. Our lineup of best-in-class True products includes:

We also carry an expansive selection of specialized bar, deli, floral, and bakery equipment from True to meet your business's unique needs. If you have any questions about these products or their availability, please contact us.

True Refrigerators & Freezers

True's refrigeration equipment stands out in a class of its own when it comes to quality, performance, and cooling technology. Made from premium stainless steel and made-in-the-US components, True Commercial Refrigerators consistently surpass industry standards with ongoing awards and recognition. Shop our lineup of refrigeration equipment with options like solid 2-door freezers, glass door display cases, and so much more!

  • True's Dual Temperature Refrigerators let you freeze and cool your products in one location, without the need for a separate refrigerator and freezer
  • True Reach-In Refrigerators are among the best sellers in True's product catalog featuring ample storage for smaller restaurants or food establishments.
  • Each True refrigerator and freezer has a high-tech cooling mechanism to closely monitor the temperature of individual ingredients to ensure maximum freshness with minimal energy use.

Find your True Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers here!

GoFoodservice’s Featured True Manufacturing Products - Pizza Prep Tables

Pizza is one of America's most simply beloved foods but requires precision when it comes to prep. With a True pizza prep table, you'll be able to prep, store, and chill all of your pizza ingredients in one organized unit for easy access and increased efficiency.

With a True two-in-one prep table and refrigerator, you can reduce your number of workstations and overall steps in the kitchen. The True Pizza prep tables also offer full-length cutting boards and refrigerated storage shelves for added storage and prep in one convenient location. Find your True Pizza Prep Table here!

More About True Manufacturing - Durable & Energy-Efficient Restaurant Equipment

True Manufacturing began over 75 years ago in St. Louis MO as a small family-run business. The company, which started off building modest bottle coolers, would go on to create countless innovations and golden-standard products over the next several decades. As the lineup evolved, True Refrigeration products have become strategically crafted with the highest-quality parts and technology, which provide durability and efficiencies that are often unmatched.

True's Energy-Star-rated products are designed and engineered to help your business realize a reduced carbon footprint and carry energy savings all the way from their warehouse to your kitchen's overhead.

In addition to energy reduction, adding a piece of True refrigeration equipment to your establishment can speed up tasks, combine multiple pieces of equipment into one, and reduce overall kitchen steps. If you're interested in learning how a piece of True equipment can fit into your kitchen, contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About True Refrigeration

What is True Refrigeration?

True Refrigeration is a manufacturing company that is one of the leaders in the refrigeration industry. True refrigeration was founded in 1948 and its first hit product was bottle coolers. Since then True Refrigeration has been a leader in commercial refrigeration.

Are True Refrigerators Reliable?

True refrigerators are very reliable for commercial, restaurant supply, and residential refrigeration purposes. True refrigerators consistently get high ratings and returning customers which proves their reliability. That said, should you need parts and accessories to repair your True beverage refrigerator or True cooler, we offer a variety of replacement parts for sale here at GoFoodservice, including:

  • Door gaskets
  • Temperature control kits
  • Compressors
  • …And more

Are True Refrigerators Loud?

A True refrigerator's noise depends on the individual product. Some users report True refrigeration to be loud, while others don't notice any noise. If loudness is a large factor for you in choosing a refrigerator, be sure to discuss the selection of commercial products with the noise level in mind with our GoFoodservice team.

Who Makes True Refrigeration?

True Manufacturing, the company that makes True Refrigeration, is run by the Trulaske Family. Robert J Trulsake started the business in 1945 when he had the idea of using electric-powered refrigerators for commercial and food service use.

Shop True Refrigeration Products Now

For the best in commercial refrigeration, rely on a True refrigerator. Best sellers include the True T-49-HC 54” 2 Solid Door Reach-In commercial fridge and True GDM-49-HC~TSL01 54” 2 Swing Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator, among others. If you have any questions at any time about our lineup of True brand products, feel free to reach out via email or live chat anytime.

True Best Sellers

True 800393, part of GoFoodservice's collection of True products
True 800393

Temperature Control Kit

$115.93 /ea


True T-49-HC, part of GoFoodservice's collection of True products
True T-49-HC

54" 2 Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator, T-Series

$4,801.35 /ea


True 800382, part of GoFoodservice's collection of True products
True 800382

Temperature Control Kit

$91.05 /ea


True 830037, part of GoFoodservice's collection of True products
True 830037

Fan Motor Kit

$229.89 /ea


True 800366, part of GoFoodservice's collection of True products
True 800366

Temperature Control Kit

$115.93 /ea


True T-49F-HC, part of GoFoodservice's collection of True products
True T-49F-HC

54" 2 Solid Door Reach-In Freezer, T-Series

$6,325.05 /ea


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