P&G Professional Brands (Procter & Gamble)

Choose Procter & Gamble Professional Products to Clean & Deodorize Your Establishment!

Microban Professional Products


Microban Professional technology can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in 5 minutes and provide 24 hours of protection from bacteria growth - even after multiple touches.

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Comet Professional Products


Keep your bathrooms fresh and sparkling with Comet's selection of cleaners. Clean through the soap scum and germs, by using an industry-leading brand!

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Dawn Professional Products


Clean more dishes in every sink compared to other brands with Dawn Professional's long-lasting, grease-fighting suds! Quality products make a difference.

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Spic and Span Professional Products

Spic and Span

Use Spic & Span products to help you save time and labor in cleaning and disinfecting tough messes, all in a single step. Browse their selection to learn more.

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Tide Professional Products

Tide Professional

Tide Professional laundry solutions give you the freedom to choose a powerful, yet cost-efficient selection of products to keep your fabrics more like new.

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Febreeze Professional Products


Eliminate odor at the source with Febreze order eliminating products. Avoid cover-ups that just mask those unpleasant smells. Keep nasty smells away for good.

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Safeguard Professional Products


Use Safeguard products, which are designed to be a simple, safe, and effective way to help keep your hands clean & free from those pesky germs.

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Why P&G Only Offers the Best Products

Procter & Gamble is a trusted multinational corporation specializing in a wide range of products. This successful company was founded in 1837 by two friends. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they quickly became one of the most popular businesses in the country. The growth has lasted into the present, as they continue to diversify their brands. Buyers all over the world can agree that P&G brands produce some of their favorite products. They are a leader in the cleaning supply industry and produce many other helpful items in a variety of markets.

GoFoodservice is proud to offer a large selection of Procter & Gamble professional products. Many restaurants, banquet halls, and other foodservice businesses keep their janitorial closet stocked with P&G professional brands, so they can make their facilities sparkling clean. We can keep you stocked up on Microban, Comet, Dawn Professional, Spic And Span, Tide Professional, Febreeze, and Safeguard products. No matter what you need to clean, there is a Procter & Gamble professional product for it.

Cleanliness is extremely important in the foodservice industry. Protecting your employees and guests from foodborne illness should be your number one priority. Any of our Procter & Gamble professional products will help you maintain a sanitary work environment. Browse our wide line-up of P&G brands until you find the perfect cleaning product for your kitchen or dining room.

If you are interested in adding one of the many P&G professional brands to your foodservice business supplies, contact us today! Our trained team of professionals come from a wide range of foodservice backgrounds. We love to share our vast knowledge with everyone, so give us a call today. We can help you make the best choice for your business!