10 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is an essential part of the home but lately design trends have been leading people to create magnificent kitchens outside. These outdoor kitchen designs have all of the elements a homeowner needs to create fantastic meals in their own backyard. If you need inspiration for your backyard kitchen, whether it be just kitchen appliances, cooking equipment, or the entire build, we've got just the thing. Here are our top 10 outdoor kitchen designs and ideas.

Mediterranean Kitchen in Saratoga


Mediterranean Patio by San Francisco Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Kikuchi Kankel Design Group


This Mediterranean kitchen has been designed so it looks like it's inside, but it's really on the exterior of the house. It's completely equipped for maximum entertaining and includes a large grill, sink, and plenty of cabinetry. There's even a bar with seats so the homeowner can look at the pool while dining. A table for six makes sure there's plenty of seating for any dinner party. Dark brown beams made of redwood and cedar coupled with a terracotta-like tile flooring makes the space warm but open. A window and open doorway doesn't cut it off from the rest of the home, but makes the design flow naturally outside.

Traditional Kitchen in Burt Lake, Michigan


Traditional Patio by Petoskey Kitchen & Bath Designers Designs by Dawn at the Lake Street Design Studio


This bright and cheery outdoor kitchen design features a traditional style, but mixes some natural elements in as well. The stone flooring and “backsplash” keeps the ceiling's orange and white tones from overpowering the space. The chef of the house has cabinets and multiple appliances, including a refrigerator and dishwasher, to prepare a gourmet meal easily, then clean up afterwards. A pair of lights with a vintage flair add some whimsy to the space.

Tropical Kitchen in Hawaii


Tropical Patio by Kelowna Cabinets & Cabinetry Norelco Cabinets Ltd


The showpiece of this outdoor kitchen is the beautiful views of Hawaii, so the designer kept the design wide and open. Six people can sit and eat comfortably at the large L-shaped slate bar, while watching one of the two mounted TVs. A sink, grill, and cabinetry for all the dishes make it easy to eat outside any time the weather is suitable. This home is located at a country club in Hawaii and makes great use of a tropical design. A stone keeps the space cool and comfortable, while the beams overhead hold several pendant lights, so the area is well-lit at all hours.

Contemporary Kitchen in Sydney


Contemporary Porch by Sydney Architects & Building Designers Danny Broe Architect


The contemporary style is popular in homes, but it has plenty of promise in an outdoor kitchen, as this design shows us. The deck of this home is a completely outdoor room with kitchen appliances, cabinets, and dining space. Clean cabinets with minimal hardware make the space look sleek, while the flooring features two different shades of wood with an eye-catching effect. The ceiling of this outdoor kitchen is an awning to give shade and keep away the rain, yet let the homeowner feel like they're dining under the stars at night. A wood island holds a sink, while a dishwasher is against the wall in line with the cabinets.

Mediterranean Loggia/Kitchen in Sacramento


Mediterranean Patio by Sacramento Architects & Building Designers Debbie R. Gualco


This expansive outdoor kitchen design features a grand space for entertaining, with seating and all of the tools of a standard indoor kitchen. Here you find a sink, an impressive grill with hood and exhaust, an outdoor range, a cooler, a refrigerator and more. The kitchen flows naturally into the other defined spaces, a living room and dining room, thanks to the tile and wood ceiling repeating throughout the entire area. A porcelain tile backsplash adds a bit of color amongst the white, while above the hood, the wall shows a bit of exposed brick.

Traditional Kitchen in Vancouver


Traditional Deck by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Vidabelo Interior Design


Small but comfortable, this traditional style outdoor kitchen uses its space well. The premium grill can hold all of the hot dogs and hamburgers you need for a backyard grill out while the dishwasher cleans up all of the plates and utensils after dining has completed. Two doorways let the homeowner enter from the living room or bedroom of the main home, making the space open and airy. The flooring of the deck matches the home's siding, while a fire pit adds ambiance and warms the space even in chilly nights.

Traditional Kitchen in Dallas


Traditional Patio by Carrollton Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Harold Leidner Landscape Architects


The English Tudor style of this home inspired the design of this outdoor kitchen, but that didn't stop the homeowner from putting in a deep fryer. Stainless steel drawers and cabinets make sure the space looks clean, and a large grill holds all of the meat you could need. A glass backsplash features the orange color of the stonework, plus a pattern of black, white, and brown. A wood ceiling features a large window overlooking the backyard.

Eclectic Kitchen in Los Angeles

Eclectic Patio by Beverly Hills Interior Designers & Decorators Sandy Koepke


The homeowner of this space has a whimsical style and it shows in the design of this kitchen. With walls of the Spanish style popular in California, and plenty of plants around, it's a space that looks like a quiet retreat. The homeowner added a kegerator though, so there's everything needed to having a lively party as well. Distressed furnishings give the space character, and match well with the stone counter.

Contemporary Kitchen in New York


Contemporary Deck by Other Metro Photographers Adrienne DeRosa


This kitchen belongs to home designers Cortney and Robert Novogratz, and features a contemporary style. The retractable awning above lets them dine al fresco whenever they desire, and the lush green plants make the spot an oasis when needed. An impressive full gas-range, grill, and dishwasher, plus plenty of cabinets, let them whip up dinner in a pinch on the carerra marble countertops. A poured concrete floor keeps the space from being too hot from the sun's rays.

Beachy Kitchen in Brisbane


Beach Style Patio by Brisbane Interior Designers & Decorators Highgate House


The beach design of this outdoor kitchen is achieved by the use of natural woven materials and a light wood design in the walls and cabinetry. The patterned tile floor has a great design and makes the space look larger, while the seating features a large outdoor chairs with cushions. A party of 10 can sit here comfortably, without feeling cramped. The backsplash appears to have a natural fiber design, letting the stainless steel oven stand out without looking too industrial. A sleek white planter holds blooms, while the construction of the walls has a beach cottage appeal.


An outdoor kitchen not only adds value to the home, it provides a whole new space for you to live. It's a great way to breathe new life into new space, and not let a square inch of your backyard go to waste. Whether you have a home on more than 20 acres, or a contemporary urban loft, an outdoor kitchen can work in nearly any space, with the proper installation and construction. We hope we gave you plenty of inspiration for you to build your dream outdoor kitchen.


  1. engineered stone nzAug 16, 2019

    Inspiring designs of the classy outdoor kitchen.. when your eating meals and enjoying the company of your family and friends in your house and feels like you are in a camp or vacation.

  2. Angela WaterfordOct 18, 2019

    It would be nice to own an outdoor kitchen where I can grill whenever I want. Thanks for the idea that I can get a space that has a whimsical style to it that will go well with the inside of my kitchen. I think I should hire someone regarding this so I'll get a compatible kitchen that will work with the rest of my home.

  3. Charlotte FleetJan 29, 2020

    I like how you mention that there a number of different kinds of outdoor kitchens and I really like the outdoor kitchen with the white beams against the wood over the grill. My husband and I are hoping to add more items to our backyard to make entertaining easier. I think we should find a good outdoor kitchen contractor who can help us figure out what style would work best for us.

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