True 915048
True 915048

True 915048, Single Overshelf Kit for TPP-44, TUC-44 and TWT-44

$660.78 /ea

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True 915048 Overview

OVERSHELF KIT, SINGLE TPP-44 TUC/TWT-44 INCLUDES: 1) 915005 OVERSHELF, 1) 915006 BACKSTOP, 6) 915140 SCREWS, 6) 915141 NUTS, 2) 914776 SUPPORT BARS, 10) 831509 BOLTS, 5) 830942 NUTS, 15) 830617 WASHERS, 8) 918849 GLOSSY HOLE PLUGS, 1) 874644 RIVNUT TOOL

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Product Brand

True 915048 Specifications


44.63 Inches
16 Inches
20.03 Inches


Exterior Summary
Stainless Steel
30 Pounds
Product Condition

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TPP-44 Series
TUC-44 Series
TWT-44 Series

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