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BSG IZ-X-30, IceZone Ice/Water UV Sanitation System

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BSG IZ-X-30 Overview

Model Specifics: Used for ice machines that produce more than 400 lbs of ice per 24 hours

Ice & Water UV Sanitation System Details:

For your heavy duty ice machine that is going to produce more than 400lbs of ice over the span of 24 hours, you will be able to trust this sanitation component to help you keep all health and safety as a priority. This BSG IZ-X-30 commercial ice and water sanitation system is going to make ice machines, bins and beverage disposers clean and reliable so that you will be able to enjoy a comfortable cleaning experience as well as healthy and safe ice for all to use.

Also, keep in mind that this unit is going to reduce bacteria and yeast as well as other common elements in water and ice machines so that you can keep everything working to the ability that you need and rely on. With the proper installation this will reduce the wear and tear that your ice machine will take, and it's going to also help in reducing the damage of the machine in general, too.

Lastly, you'll come to love that this sanitizer is a completely automatic model and is free from chemicals so that you are able to rely on the proper kind of protection at your own hand. This is the reliable protection that your ice machine is going to need and while it isn't essential, it is going to add a level of professionalism to your design that you will love for all of the right reasons.

Features & Benefits:

  • Inhibits the growth of mold, slime, and bacteria
  • Reduces manual labor and downtime
  • Extends the lifespan of ice machines
  • Operates 24/7 for around the clock protection
  • Keeps ice machines, ice bins, and beverage dispensers clean
  • Reduces equipment cleanings and associated costs
  • Decreases technical malfunctions and equipment downtime
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • Maintenance free – requires a simple annual UV lamp replacement


  • IceZone®
  • Power Supply
  • UV Lamp (pre-installed)
  • Lock Key
  • Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide
  • Installation Kit - includes NSF compliant: tubing, fittings, clamps

Replacement Bulb: 10-08100

Product Dimensions:

  • Width (Inches - Front to Back): 4.25 Inches
  • Length (Inches - Left to Right): 12 Inches
  • Height: 2.2 Inches

BSG Warranty:

1 year parts & labor

BSG IZ-X-30 Specifications


Width (Inches - Front to Back)
4.25 Inches
Length (Inches - Left to Right)
12 Inches
2.2 Inches


100-240 Volts
7 Pounds
Product Condition


Manufacturer Warranty
1 year parts & labor

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