Utility Trucks & Dollies

Browse our selection of utility trucks and dollies for all your bulk transportation needs!

Just like cars and busses get us where we need to go, utility hand trucks and dollies do the same thing for your products. No matter what kind of commercial establishment you’re running, there’s a set of wheels to give you the power to get your work done with ease.

We stock a variety of utility hand trucks and dollies like large-capacity platform trucks and durable push-off hand trucks. They’re built from welded steel and can withstand loads up to a whopping 2,400 pounds! All of our utility hand trucks and dollies are built to withstand heavy use both indoors and outdoors, giving you the power and versatility you need to tackle any job.

Even though these hand trucks and dollies can withstand massive loads, they’re still surprisingly light and easy for the user to maneuver. Anti-skid decks, impact-absorbing bumpers, molded-on rubber wheels, and reinforced supports make these utility hand trucks and dollies surpass industry standards and last your business for years to come.

When you need a hand with heavy loads, our hand trucks are ready to take it on. Check out our selection today.