Hand Trucks

Move bulk goods or oversized items with our selection of hand carts, hand truck dollies, & keg dollies!

FMP 840-2118
FMP 840-2118

800 Lb Capacity Steel Hand Truck, Red

$167.18 /ea


Channel Manufacturing RHTDP8
Channel Manufacturing RHTDP8

550 Lb Capacity Steel Hand Truck, Gray

$140.56 /ea


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When moving big and oversized items around facilities or warehouses, it’s important to have the right equipment to prevent any damage to people or property. Hand trucks and hand carts are a useful tool to utilize when having to move items around. Whether you’re a restaurant transporting food supplies, a hospital transporting medical supplies, or a hotel stocking its inventory of towels and other essentials, we can provide you with the hand truck products you need to help to transport big items quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for hand carts, hand truck dollies, and keg truck dollies from some of the leading brands for commercial products, GoFoodservice can provide you with the right products for any business.

At GoFoodservice we carry a wide range of hand carts and hand trucks from industry brands like Winholt. These hand trucks can carry up to 600-800 lbs. and can help transport large, oversized items with ease. For a full list of the hand truck and keg dollies that we offer, feel free to browse the hand cart and keg dollies that we carry.

When you purchase from GoFoodservice, we make sure that you’re getting the best, most competitive pricing for the products you need, with the fastest shipping and best customer service help. If there are any hand trucks, keg dollies, or other products that you are unable to find, please contact us and we will be happy to help.