Steelworks Underbar Glass Rack Storage Units

Create a convenient storage area for clean or used glasses with our selection of underbar glass rack storage units!

Brand: Steelworks
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Making drinks quickly is essential to keeping up during busy times at the bar and one way to increase speed is making sure you have clean glasses on hand for serving drinks to customers. With our selection of underbar glass rack storage units, you can bring glasses straight from an undercounter dishwasher straight to your drink mixing area underneath the bar saving valuable time. Since glasses are stored in a solid stainless steel unit and inside a protective glass rack the risk of glass breakage is greatly reduced, saving you countless dollars on replacement drinking glasses. We carry a variety of styles of underbar glass rack storage units including ones with drainboards that double as drink prep workstations or open-top glass rack storage units that allow for the speediest access to clean glassware.

With an underbar glass rack storage unit you'll be able to store a wide variety of your most used beer glasses, cocktail glasses, and wine glasses to have on hand at all times. For additional glass storage racks be sure to check out our selection of glass racks that come in all sizes to fit any glass you may have.

Here at GoFoodservice, our selection of stainless steel underbar equipment comes from top brands like Advance Tabco, John Boos, and Eagle Group so you can be sure you are getting quality with any underbar glass rack storage unit you purchase. Browse some of the best deals on underbar glass storage racks above and our customer service team will be happy to help you find everything you need for your bar or pub.