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Brand: Steelworks
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With our wide variety of sink bowls to choose from you can choose from dependable drop-in sinks or attractive under-mount sink bowls that will leave a seamless look to your countertop. Our drop-in sinks, also known as top-mount or self-rimming sinks, are perfect for any application while our under-mount sink bowls will give you more of that much-needed countertop space. We carry only the highest quality brands such as Advance Tabco and John Boos at the most competitive prices available. Check out our selection today!

For any business looking for fast results when it comes to cleaning, under-mount sink bowls and drop-in sink bowls make fine additions. Very easy to use and to keep in top cleaning conditions, these sinks will allow you to get the job done in a short and timely manner. Why? Because these are the kind of sinks that you can easily use on-the-go to get things spotless and ready for use later on in the day. With sinks that can be as large as 14" in depth, our commercial sink bowls take out much of the hard work involved in running a better operation. They are easy to use, simple to work with, and provide you with the right kind of space that you need to keep the place in spotless condition.

Made from top quality stainless steel, too, these undermount sink bowls and drop-in sinks are very easy to keep in top condition without having to work too hard. They provide you with a stress-free solution for making sure that you can get everything in the right kind of condition for professional use. You will know yourself how hard it can be to get things done in the kitchen, so why not make life easier for all of your staff? With such easy to use commercial undermount sink bowls and drop-in sinks, keeping everything nice and tidy becomes extra-simple. It’s the kind of satisfying and easy to use solution for making sure you can maximize cleaning conditions in the workplace without exasperating anything or taking up too much room. With our stainless steel sink bowls, then, you can begin to make the whole experience much easier than ever before. Just take the time that you need to get used to your sink needs, and you should find that we have something that is perfect for whatever you presently require.