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When serving customers, there are so many times when you need to share information but cannot personally provide them with all the intel they need to know. This is where high-quality signage comes into play. While you will eventually spend time with each customer taking care of their needs and requests, these signage options help fill that time before, so you can still communicate necessary information.

GoFoodservice offers an extensive collection of restaurant and food service signage options. Between menu materials, advertising boards, and even informational signs, GoFoodservice has everything you need to help keep your business running smoothly. You’ll love all of the options from top companies like Alpine Industries, American Metalcraft, and Cal-Mil who have become the gold standard in restaurant and hospitality signage. You'll find that we carry everything you need to update your menu, advertise the soup de jour, and even markers to make customers aware of wet flooring.

We know that your business wants to provide the best information to your customers. And at GoFoodservice, we are proud to be part of that messaging. We can’t wait to help you select your different signage choices, so be sure to reach out if you need anything along the way or as you’re making decisions.

When should restaurants use advertising signs and boards?
Restaurants use advertising signs and boards when trying to advertise information to their customers. A sandwich board, for example, would work well on the pavement outside a diner to promote the chef’s latest sandwich creation. On the other hand, a bulletin board is more of an indoor sign. Here, you could use it to list out your muffin flavors of the month or even a latte special. No matter your type of food service, these two types of signs help draw in customers and then help them create their orders.

Information and compliance signs are helpful in what ways?
Information and compliance signs are helpful in many ways. Restaurant compliance signs, for example, help direct customers to a specific bathroom, instruct customers to wear a mask, and even direct employees to wash their hands before returning to their work. In addition, parking signs can be beneficial to direct the flow of traffic outside of your business, and wet floor signs ensure that your customers know about slick floors, so they do not fall and get hurt.