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American Metalcraft SECSTN5
American Metalcraft SECSTN5

9" x 13" Securit® Stencil Set

$15.88 /ea


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Signage is a vital part of any restaurant. In the front of the house, you might have wall-mounted menus, daily special boards, custom cocktails, lists of beers on tap, dessert guides, and many other opportunities to show off your menu. Static cling letters can be the perfect way to take your messaging outside. Simply smooth these letters onto windows to advertise to the surrounding community. There’s even a role for signage in your kitchen, storage space, and prep areas. Your staff needs to know the daily specials if your menu changes, and you can also use signs as policy reminders. Explore our full range of sign letters and static cling letters to discover options perfect for your establishment.

Signage letters are the perfect way to get a clear, readable message across. There's no more asking who has the best handwriting in the kitchen or at the hostess station. Instead, you can use expert-designed letters that deliver every message consistently. This tool makes it easy for diners to read your messages and also streamlines your staff workload.

Cling letters are a fun opportunity to add messages to windows and other surfaces. You can display seasonal greetings and messages for a fun touch at a school or hospital cafeteria. Diners, bars, and casual restaurants can add special promotions to exterior windows, which is a great tactic to snag customers off the street. Any establishment can use cling letters on interior windows, mirrors, picture frames, and other smooth surfaces.

GoFoodservice also offers stencils that add a fast, appealing message to any surface. Stencils are ideal to use with chalk pens, dry erase markers, or standard pens. The easy-to-use design includes a full alphabet and the numerals 0-9, allowing you to send any message. You can also add graphic elements for your Wi-Fi network, social media accounts, popular menu items, and more. Explore a full complement of sign tools at GoFoodservice! We love talking to our community, so please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.