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Alpine Industries Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispensers and Foodservice Supplies


Alpine Industries is a premier manufacturer of janitorial, restaurant, and sanitation equipment for commercial and foodservice businesses. Their products allow for safe, sanitary, and orderly operations of customer-facing businesses and offer the highest industry standards. In a time where sanitation is an utmost priority for businesses, Alpine offers the solutions to help keep your customers safe while combating the spread of germs in your business. Our Alpine Industries sanitization supplies include:

  • Bulk hand sanitizer and refills
  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Wall-mounted hand sanitizer and soap dispensers
  • Freestanding hand sanitizer dispensers
  • And much more

GoFoodservice is a preferred dealer for Alpine industries. We provide fair lead times on items that may be back-ordered due to high demand. We know how important these items may be to your business, and are working extra hard to provide them for you in a timely manner!

Featured Items: Commercial Hand-Sanitizer Dispensers and Bulk Hand Sanitizer

Alpine Industries offers a variety of sanitation supplies, such as waste disposal items, washroom accessories, and handwashing equipment. This includes a mix of traditional equipment and more eco-friendly solutions that are geared towards changing consumer habits. Trending items include hands-free soap dispensers for washrooms, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, and free-standing hand-sanitizer dispensers for lobbies and entryways. GoFoodservice also offers bulk hand sanitizer to refill and maintain these items. More information about these items are below:

Commercial Hands-Free Soap Dispensers

The hands-free soap dispensers from Alpine Industries allow for touch-free handwashing in washrooms and kitchens. These wall-mounted soap dispensers help reduce touch-points in your critical areas. Our selection includes the Alpine 428-L-GRY, the Alpine 430-L, and more.

Commercial Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

GoFoodserivce offers a variety of commercial hand sanitizer dispensers from Alpine. This includes automatic, wall-mounted, and freestanding solutions. Our freestanding commercial hand sanitizer dispenser (the Alpine 430-L-S) is great for open lobbies or entryways, while the wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers (Alpine 430-L) is great for narrow entryways. These hands-free dispensers help reduce customer touch-points while offering easy hand sanitation in high-traffic areas.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer

GoFoodservice offers bulk hand sanitizer in 1-gallon and 4-gallon increments. This unscented, instant hand sanitizer will allow for easy refills of your Alpine commercial hand sanitizer dispensers. Our single gallon of bulk hand sanitizer is model number Alpine ALPC-1 and the case of (4) is Alpine ALPC-4. This industrial-strength sanitizer will work in most liquid dispensers.

Foodservice and Janitorial Items from Alpine Industries

Those who operate a restaurant or consumer-facing business know the importance of keeping items cleaned, sanitary, and organized. For these needs, Alpine Industries offers a variety of signage, organizational materials, and cleaning supplies for commercial businesses. These items include:

  • Signage - Handwashing signage, display boards, and open signs
  • Restaurant supplies - Menu table tents, table card-holders, compliance signs
  • Janitorial supplies - Cleaning caddies, cleaning carts, and mop buckets
  • Washroom supplies - Automatic hand dryers, automated paper towel dispensers, and hygiene product receptacles
  • And much more

Why Choose GoFoodservice as your Alpine Supplier

GoFoodservice offers one of the largest selections of equipment from Alpine Industries to meet your business needs. We have the knowledge to equip buyers in all types of businesses with safe and efficient equipment while providing unmatched service. If you have any questions about Alpine products, including the bulk hand sanitizer, commercial hand sanitizer dispensers, or any other items. contact us today!

Best Sellers By Alpine

Alpine 430-L-S

Automatic Liquid Soap / Hand Sanitizer Dispenser w/ Stand & Drip Tray, White

Alpine ALPC-4

1 Gallon CLENZ Liquid Hand Sanitizer Refill (4/case)

Alpine 430-L

Automatic Liquid Soap / Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, White

Alpine 430-L-T

Automatic Liquid Soap / Hand Sanitizer Dispenser w/ Drip Tray, White

Alpine ALPC-1

1 Gallon CLENZ Liquid Hand Sanitizer Refill

Alpine 4777

Stainless Steel Gym Wipe Dispenser w/ Built-In Trash Can

Alpine 428-L-GRY

34 oz Automatic Aspen Liquid Soap Dispenser, Gray

Alpine 428-F-GRY

34 oz Automatic Aspen Foaming Soap Dispenser, Gray

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