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An artist’s hands are their most valuable asset so it only makes sense that if your kitchen staff is cooking up masterpieces, you need to protect their hands at all costs. Our experts over here at GoFoodservice have worked diligently to gather up the best restaurant gloves and safety mitts available. These kitchen gloves are skillfully designed by professionals for professionals.

Restaurant gloves and general safety gloves work to stop accidental cuts, exposures, and burns. Less workplace injury means less liability, higher employee satisfaction, and lower food waste costs. Kitchen gloves and safety mitts are a necessary investment for any commercial kitchen, but not all safety gloves are created equal. Tucker Safety, Essentialware, and Handgards are a few of the brands we trust with our life - or at least our hands. Our kitchen and safety gloves are created using the best materials available, including oven mitts made of Nomex which is trusted by firefighters around the globe.

Check out our lineup of restaurant safety gloves and see how GoFoodservice can help you start reducing risk in your kitchen better than ever before.